Wherever I have found English translation of Sunan Abu Daud, it has been found labelled 'Partial translation'. What does this mean? And is there a full english translation evailable anywhere? Thanks. Harris

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Dear Al Ummat,

Thank you for your reply. But the link you gave has same contents as I found on another link: http://www.cmje.org/religious-texts/hadith/abudawud/ where it is mentioned on top "partial translation" . So your link must be partial translation too? Further checking shows that in book-1, it is hadith no. 6 after hadith no. 3, which means hadith nos. 4,5 are missing. Several more similar omissions can be found in the collection. Is it for this reason that it is called 'partial translation'. If yes, why are some hadith omitted? Why there is no full translation? If no, then why is it called 'partial translation'? Any idea? Further, is full translation available in any other language? And what about the original arabic text? Is it a full collection?



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