Salaam. I know I have done sincere bad acts but I am trying to repent but always have severe depression thoughts. I was with someone for 6 years. I liked him because he was religious and was a good person. But then we commited zina and he was changing as a person throughout the years. He became abusive and stopped his prayers. I never knew why. He was as serious about us as I was And we always stressed about how we would get married for finance reasons. Then I find out he had a gambling addiciton and was smokking cannabis for 3 years. I felt so hurt and lost my happyness as he went to jail for something . When he admitted to everything I thought we will stick together n try and make us work. But we continued committing zina and then I was pregnant. I kno I committed a major sin and regret it, I had an abortion. After that I have become fully depressed and alone. I have never opened up to anyone about my problems because I was embarrassed. I did an abortion because I was too scared to hurt my parents. All I ever wanted was me and him married the right way but it turned out so bad. He left me after the abortion, because I killed our own n because im a bad person to do such a thing. Everyday I regret abortion. Im alone, trying to deal with all the bad things in my life. I never wanted to have a sexual relationship with someone before marriage. I got sucked into the worst things. Worse my emotions are all over the place. I could never trust another person after the bad in my life. What solution is there to this bad mess? Im at a age to marry, but he has his own problems and doesn't want to marry me for what I did. It's hurtful that I waa there for him after his hardship but he left me alone to deal with my mental issue.

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Dear Sister, First of all I commend you for being brave and sharing with us. In this world we have countless people in trials and tribulation. Also in this modern day and age there are many people in the same situation as you have described and one mistake leads to another and leads us into depression and loneliness.

First of all sincerely ask forgiveness from Allah (SWT), pray your 5 times salat, make dua and remember Allah (SWT) every spare moment you have and read the Quran with understanding. There are many islamic websites and videos explaining how to deal with depression make use of those and surround yourself with people who have Islamic knowledge and strive to follow the right path. In this world we are all sinners, at some point we have committed one sin or the other, but just by you coming to this website and asking for guidance means you are preparing yourself to take the step in the right direction.

Remember this life is temporary and we are tested time and again. Only by following the right path will you find peace and comfort and solutions to your problems and Allah (SWT) knows best.

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brother focus on Deen you will definitely get out of it but for medical point of view i recommend you to read the article

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Dear Sister,

Assalamualaikum my dear sister you should realize that Allah is all-forgiving and the most-merciful. Turn to Allah with sincerity no doubt He will protect you. This world is full of trials and predicaments hold onto the Quran and the Sunnah and you will be successful in LIFE and THE HEREAFTER.

I believed that you are strong sister but without the help of God you are as feeble and frail as the branches of a dead tree. I adviced you to seek for God's forgiveness first. Be patient God will help you!! :)

I know its HARD to trust anybody in this days and I am not telling you to trust me either. However my dear sister you only need to TRUST ALLAH. After that the rest will be easy God will show you and direct you to trustworthy people. For the man that you had loved sister I am not even sure if you can still call him a muslim. He needs to realize that he is committing serious crimes against the rulings of Islam. To conclude, my dear sister you are not alone, Allah's compassion is greater than of a mother who had lost her child. May Allah forgive you and grant you success both in this life and the hereafter!

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