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There are separate prayer room for women in some mosques but the thing is as many women do not go to masjid to offer salaah as they already have enough work to do in home and as women are not obligatory to pray in masjid as men do that is why many local masjids do not have space for women. But in Western Countries there are separate prayer room in masajids for women.

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work is with both man and women .why dont we encourage women to prayer in mazid ..they will get more information about islam n it will be better for tnem.

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It is not obligatory on women to pray in masjid. And Muslims go to masjid to offer salaah and not merely to learn Islam, to learn Islam there are Madarsaas. But Yes, I do encourage Muslim women to go to masjid to offer at least the Friday Prayer as the dars on Friday Prayer is very beneficial in increasing their Islamic Knowledge.

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In the early age, Womens also go to mosque and offer salat together with the men. But since wrong intention arose between them while offering salat, so womens are forbidden to offer salat together with the men in the mosque. They can go to the mosque where only women offer salat.

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Because of wrong intention of few whole new generation is restricted ..why dont we take care of wrong intention people instead of stopping a good thing .Let allow women to offer salat in mosque ,which is pure place n build specially for it.

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The best place for women to pray is in their house. Why women are encouraged not to go masjids, is because of fitnah. Nowadays most of us don't practice the teachings of Rasulullah SAWLLALLAHU 'ALAYHI WA SALLAM . During Rasulullah's SAWLLALLAHU 'ALAYHI WA SALLAM time, mosques had separate entrances for ladies. Women filled the mosques from behind while men had sepa­rate entrances and filled the mosques from the front. In between the two sections were children. But nowadays these systems have changed . Most people don't permit the inter­mingling of men and women .Added to this, is women's clothing. too much attractive,colorful,the shapes of their bodies are seen, use of perfumes. SHAME!! Most of us claim that we are true followers of Nabi SAWLLALLAHU 'ALAYHI WA SALLAM whereas we are following our nafs, doing things which please them. Such a big fitnah going in front of our eyes, still we not doing anythng to prevent it. REMEMBER LADIES: thers is hadith in which Rasulullah SAWLLALLAHU 'ALAYHI WA SALLAM said that when women step out of their houses, they take the form of shaitaan till they return back. Women are only snares of shaitan. Just to trap men! Best thing to do is stay back at home.and you should go out only if there is a necessity.

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