Alhamdulilah, the only accredited bachlories art Islamic degrees online free of charge. You will do 4 years of Islamic studies. You can major in aqeedah, fiqh,Quran, tafseer, accounting, and so much more. It is flexible to your time, and you can do your work when you have free time. As I stated it is accredited so it will be recognized to whatever you go. You will Learnhadeeth,tafseer,tajweed,aqeedah,fiqh,arabic more. 8 sesmester of class. Anyone interested inshallah I could talk to you more about. It is centered in kuwiat and the dean is bilal Philips. Weakly live sesions are held and your textbooks are in PDF. or you can google it. If you are serious about learning the religion of Allah and want to be learned in it, then inshallah I highly recommend it. It is based on madinah univesity curriculum.

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