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Assalamualaikum. recently i broke my leg's finger during plating football.and now my right leg is full bandaged(pluster)........only few fingers can be seen and whole foot is covered by bandage(pluster)....PLEASE tell me how can i perform wudu... *Now i do tayammum using water.....>Is this process valid PLEASE tell me the whole process....

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I went and looked into this a little further and i found a hadith that I will not quote ver-batium, I'll just give you the over all picture. This hadith is in al-Bukhari. One of the companains was injured. The other companians didn't know how to give him ghusl. So they washed him with a bandage on his head. This resulted in his death. When this news reached the Prophet(saw) he called them murders, saying that if one is not sure of something to ask and then saying that if they had asked they would have known that tayammum would have sufficed. From this hadith it appears that Tayammum would be good. In Shaa Allah. I hope that this helped you out

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