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Salaam to all, My question is regarding end of times. A friend of mine told my that there would be a great battle Dajaal 70000 strong army. They will fight with swords bows arrows etc. I told him we are far more technologically advanced for that kind of warfare (nukes/fighter jet space technologies etc etc) how is this eve?n possible to fight with swords etc? He replied no we will fight with these weapons it's in the sunnah ? Confused !!

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Ask for him to provide the hadith. I never heard that in the end of times the battles will be fought with swords.

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The hadiths that speak on the Dajaal do not specify what will be used as a weapon other than the diffrent things that the Dajaal will use to sway people to him. I'm not sure where your friend got this, but from the books and hadith that I've read this is incorrect. See the books in Al-Bukhari regaurding this subject to get a better understanding. In Shaa Allah this will have helped

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