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can anyone explain the ruling of combining maghrib and isha prayer ? i don't get time to pray maghrib as i will be travelling back home from university that time (it takes about 2 hours) so im thinking about praying maghrib along with isha .... can u explain on how to do this in detail ?

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@Vndrboy Inshallah,I will answer your question with textual proof,It has been stated on the authority of Ibn Abbas,"The Rasulalah sws observed zhur and Asr prayers together,and the sunset (Maghrib)and Isha prayers together without being in a state of fear or in a state of travel." Ibn Abbas added,"the Rasulalah sws said that he did not want his nation to be put to unnecessary hardship."(sahih muslim #4.1515; sahih muslim #4.1516, #4.1520)

Also,Ibn Abbas said,"The Rasulalah sws observed in Madinah seven rak'ahs and eight rak'ahs,that is, he combined the noon and afternoon prayer for a total of eight rak'ahs and the sunset and night time prayers for a total of seven rak'ahs."(sahih muslim #4.1522, similarly, sahih muslim #4.1521)

Further proof: Abdullah Ibn Shaqiq reported,"Ibn Abbas one day addressed us in the late afternoon till the sun disappeared and the stars appeared and the people began to say, PRAYER! PRAYER! A person from Banu Tamim came there.He said ,"I saw the Rasulalah sws combining the noon and afternoon prayers and the sunset and nighttime prayers." Abdullah Ibn Shaqiq said,"Some doubt was created in my mind about it, so I went to Abu Hurayrah and asked him about it and he testified to the veracity of the man's assertion."(sahih muslim #4.1523)

Also,"A person said to Ibn Abbas, PRAYER! HE (Ibn Abbas) kept silent. The man said it a second time,and Ibn Abbas remained silent.When the man said it the third time Ibn Abbas said,"MAY YOU BE DEPRIVED OF YOUR MOTHER! DO YOU TEACH US ABOUT PRAYER? WE USED TO COMBINE TWO PRAYERS DURING THE LIFE OF THE RASULALAH SWS."(SAHIH MUSLIM #4.1524) So, yes my brother you can do this,actually some have abandoned this sunnah.ALLAH KNOWS BEST!

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@yaqin , if one can has the ability to pray the fard salats , then not praying it in time would be a grave sin . The hadiths you provided can only be applicable if one is completely unable to pray in the correct waqt . If he finds a way to pray his fard salats on time , combining it with 'isha prayer when he reaches home would indeed be a sin .

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Brother, when a muslim looks at the life of Holy Prophet S.A.W then he can not take a bit which pleases him and leave what he feels difficult. We should have sincerity; Holy Prophet S.A.W in his worldly life time 99.9 per cent prayed all 5 times and only 00.01 per cent combined the prayer with stating "that he did not want his nation to be put to unnecessary hardship."

According to the Hanafi school, it is not permitted to combine the prayers and take a prayer out of its prayer time by either delaying it or performing it before its time. The only exception they have in this, based on the narration of Abdullah ibn Mas'ud, is in Arafat (where Zuhr and 'Asr are combined) and in Muzdalifa (where Maghrib and 'Isha are combined). The remaining three schools permit combining in other circumstances too as when a person is traveling, or it is raining heavily, etc.


Praying 5 times a day is the most practiced Sunnah of Holy Prophet S.A.W, while to combine salaah there is a condition of hardship involved and I'll try my best to explain you the meaning of Hardship.

"Unnecessary hardship" has many meanings. Few examples are,

  1. If it is intensely hot, then it is better to delay Zuhr prayer until it cools down a little, i.e., until it is nearly time for ‘Asr, because it cools down a little when it is nearly time for ‘Asr.

See if the temperature is hot while the person is in his house with no danger, no heavy rain and he is not a traveler. He can delay the prayer until it cools down a little bit. Delaying the prayer or miss the prayer with no reason is a sin. There are many means of "Unnecessary Hardships" brother. And Prayer is not a hardship for a Muslim, but the situation of a person makes it hard or easy. Its not the hardship of praying on time but it regards a valid reason to delay according to me. Brother have you found no other hadith that our Holy Prophet (S.A.W) prayed 5 times a day on their prescribed times? Holy Prophet (S.A.W) wanted to save the ummah from "Unnecessary hardships" but he (S.A.W) not meant the ummah to leave the prayer to pray combine. "Unnecessary hardships" has many meanings.

  1. Another reason is if it will be possible to pray in congregation at the end of the time but not at the beginning, in which case delay is preferable. For example, if a man is outside the city when the time for prayer comes, and he knows that he will reach the city and catch up with the congregation at the end of the time for prayer, is it better for him to pray when the time for prayer comes, or to delay the prayer until he reaches the congregation?

  2. If a patient has his stomach opened so the surgeon can not leave him to offer salaah rather he has to attend the patient and if during this he missed the prayer so in this condition it is preferred that he can offer combine prayer in order to get the reward of Fard prayer. See in this condition there is heavy rain, traveling or danger in involved.

Holy Qur'an says,

Verily, the prayer is enjoined on the believers at fixed hours. [Holy Qur'an 4:103]

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@believer All praise be to Allah,My brother I really donot want to get into the fiqh of the combining of prayers and the traveling prayer,for every school of thought has its rulings and fatawas on these topics.You are correct when you say that one should, if at all possible, make the fard prayers in their fixed time,this is best,but the brother wants to know if it is permissible,and that is what I was showing him from the sunnah of the Rasul sws as understood by the salaf,for we know that the four Imam's were of the kalaf.Now, unless you are of the mindset that these hadiths I quoted are not authentic,then it is permissible to combine your prayers in a state of hardship,fear,and traveling,even though it is reported that the Rasul sws did it without these conditiions, and though you have explained marvelously some conditions of hardship there are many more.No, prayer is never a hardship to the muslim,but the conditions inwhich one lives in can be and this can affect the ability of one to make the prayers in their fixed time.NEVER! WOULD I SUGGEST THAT ONE ABANDONS MAKING THE PRAYERS IN THEIR FIXED TIMES TO COMBINE JUST TO DO IT WITH OUT JUST REASON!The brother has stated his hardship in his request and you nor I can say that his hardship doesnot count,for Allah is the best knower of the intentions of the brother and to Allah he will return to be judged, as we all will.There are many issues in Islam that has permissiblity but there is the best thing to do,such as, it is permissible to have four wives,but it is best you have one,it is permissible to seek the blood of one who has killed your family,but it is best to forgive him and take the blood money,it is permissible to get divorced,but it is best that you workout the problem,for Allah azza wal jall hates divorce,and I can go on and on,but I think my point is clear.I leave you with the words of Allah azza wal jall, "It is not fitting for a believer,man or woman,when a matter has been decided by Allah and His Rasul to have any opinion about their decesion: If anyone disobeys Allah and His Rasul, he is indeed on a clearly wrong path."(sura 33:36) So now I must ask, is it not reported that the Rasulalah sws combined his prayers under two seperate conditons,one being what you qouted,(fear,hardship and traveling), and what i have qouted from the hadeeths, that being these factors didn't play a part in the actions of the Rasul sws? Now we must ponder what you said is a sin. Though I do agree with you one hundred percent, one needs a valid reason,but the argument has been made against our opinion by many scholars.ALLAH KNOWS BEST

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Brother, First of all I want to clear this that I was not giving the answer to @vndrboy as he has stated that he travels during the prayer and a traveler is allowed to offer combined prayer. But I was giving answer to you when you quoted the hadith that Holy Prophet S.A.W offered combine prayer without being in the state of traveling of heavy rain, so I tried to explain you that in some conditions it is preferred to offer combine prayers but the reason should be valid and one should not make it a habit as it is a grave sin to offer combine prayers because if we all make it our habit then the Muslim ummah will leave offering 5 times salaah.

And when you said "actually some have abandoned this sunnah"

Brother, Holy Prophet S.A.W performed some actions in order to make some actions permissible for this ummah in particular conditions and not to make it a Sunnah. Praying 5 times is Fard as well as Sunnah but if somehow you consider offering combine prayers as Sunnah then they will be Sunnat Ghair-e-Muaqqadah while offering salaah 5 times is Fard as well as Sunnat-e-Muaqqadah, so we can never defend making it a habit to offer combine prayers and call them Sunnah and skipping the Fard.

Likewise Holy Prophet S.A.W once recited the surahs of Holy Qur'an in ascending order during Salaah to make it permissible for this ummah as if someone forgets and recite the Holy Qur'an in ascending order his prayer will still be valid but we don't call it a Sunnah, because whole the life of Holy Prophet S.A.W; he (S.A.W) recited the Holy Qur'an in descending order and reciting the Holy Qur'an in descending order is Sunnah.

What Holy Prophet S.A.W performed once or twice in order to make some actions permissible we don't call them Sunnah, otherwise we also have to believe that reciting Holy Qur'an in ascending order is Sunnah. Then I ask you can one sunnah conflict with the other? if Yes, then what is the sunnah? reciting in ascending or descending order? and what is the sunnah? offering combine prayers or 5 times?

And brother this is the matter of Fiqah and we can not neglect it. As I can not convince a Shite that praying combine prayers all the time is a grave sin as Shites perform combine prayers.

And who makes it a habbit to perform combine prayers and say that praying 5 times is an Unnecessary Hardship and quotes the hadith as their support, I want to quote the verse of Holy Qur'an which gives them answer regarding who feel praying 5 times is hardship and difficulty.

And seek help through patience and prayer, and indeed, it is difficult except for the humbly submissive [to Allah ] [Holy Qur'an 2:45]

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please give me conclusion , can we pray together or not ?

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@avesh6994 beloved yes it is permissible under certain circumstances if you are of the sunni mindset, if you are of the shia mindset then you can do it all the time and this is do to the hadeeth I qouted.Allah knows best. Salaam

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@believer May Allah reward you,I truly understand everything you are saying and you are correct,as I have already stated, one should never combine his prayer without a valid reason.Also, the statement I made about some abandoning this sunnah is do to my encounter wih some muslims that donot combine nor pray the travelers prayer under any circumstances,they say it is haram.This is a very dangerous statement especially in light of what has been reported by the mother of the believers A'isha may Allah have mercy on her, who stated,"the Rasul sws said,"He who does not pray the travelers prayer when in travel is not of me."The only thing I may differ with you is about your statement that some of the things the Rasul sws did is not consider as his sunnah.Everything that he did is his sunnah,though I understand your example,and yes, I am of the mindset that the Qur'an should be recited in the order it came down which is sunnah muaqqadah,highly recommended,but there is no sin in not doing so,for it is fard that you recite the Qur'an and not to would consitute a sin,again this falls under what I spoke about,what is permissible and what is best,if it is permissible than there is no sin,but the sure blessings is in doing what is best,the understanding of this is a blessing from Allah azza wal jall,for the sunnah would never conflict,for either one would do what is best or what is permissible.My brother I thankyou for the reminder for reminding profits the believers.

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Sadie after you read this tell me your position.

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@ Sadie read this

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Ok . So my understanding is, if one can perform salah in its time, then one is obliged to do so. If by chance one has a legitimate reason that he can not, it becomes permissible for him to 1.pray travelers salah. Or 2. Combine only duhr and asr, or combine only maghrib and isha.

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However I am able to offer duhr in its time, I leave my home a half an hour before asr. I have prayed asr before its time and it felt wrong. That's why I wait until I return home and do all 3. What then? Salam

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@sadie then combine zdhur and asr donot make the travelers prayer, offer zdhur four rajats tgen asr four rakats.

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Then go to work. Come home and offer maghrib and isha right?

(Aug 08 '13 at 03:24) sadie ♦ sadie's gravatar image

Yes that is what you do

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Read this debate on this topic

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