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Hi All, I am a Muslim Girl and from the childhood I have my own morals and values according to which I sustain my life with respect, previous 3 years I am in love with a guy, he still loves me but he is not in a condition by which he marry me, he is also in very frustration and tension about his career, I am also a Career Oriented Women and wanted to become something successful in life, Previous year he told me that you marry someone else whoever comes to your parents, I was get angry an came some other Metro City for the job, when I came here I met a guy he is also in my company, I do not love him as much as I love him, he has some problem with his wife means his wife is not so much attentive to sex, so he is frustrated by marriage, I really don't know when I get into all that, now I lost my morals my values, my virginity and all. He was not able to marry me since he is already having a kid of 2 years. I ruin out my life. Now i don't have sukun in anything. Kindly give some Idea plz.. Otherwise i will kill myself one day.

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IN Relationships, Marriage & Marital Issues SECTION. THE COMMUNITY IS MADE FOR THE PERSONAL PROBLEMS AND ISSUES... You will be replied there...

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No no I mean that marry to someone who is good is wrong for him. After doing all that its not right to marry to some good person.

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You shouldn't marry someone who committed zina , as they cannot be trusted .

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ok , I am trying my level best. From yesterday night i am start ignoring both of them, kindly remember me in Dua, hope I am able to do these changes in my life. Thanks for the suggestions and answering my questions. hope Allah will forgive me.

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May Allah forgive you and grant you jannat .

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