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As Salaamu alaikum , My friend was married to a girl from Sunni family a few months ago. She used to pressurize my friend to offer namaaz in only Sunni masjid and make friendship with only Sunni people. Due to such type of pressure and behaviour of wife there were lot of frequent fights in family. One day he got very much disturbed and in anger gave her 3 times Talaaq when no one was present infront of them. Families came to know all this a few moments later after the incident. My friend took his family to the girl's house and cleared everything that he gave his wife 3 talaaq. Both sides parents agreed on this and left. Currently they are no longer together and has parted away. Now after two months my friend is realizing that whatever he has done may be in anger, intentionally or unintentionally was not right and is deeply regretting the incident. They both have not legally divorced till date. Can you please let us know the ruling and answer of below question as per Shariah.

  1. He wants to know and clarify that his talaaq is valid or not validate as he had uttered those words in anger (he is not a short tempered person)

  2. If talaaq is not valid then can he unite with the girl. how should he do this as girl's family dont wish to send their daughter to his family as they feel boy's family dont follow same customs as theirs.

  3. If talaaq is valid then what should he do.

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IN Relationships, Marriage & Marital Issues SECTION. THE COMMUNITY IS MADE FOR THE PERSONAL PROBLEMS AND ISSUES... You will be replied there...

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