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5 salaat per day seems too little to reach firdaus especially since there are at least 4 rules for prayer 1 austerity 2 sincerity 3 devotion 4 humility does anyone know if it being a double edged sword there can be firdaus in this living life or do you have to reach the afterlife according to many muslims this is yes and no apparently for no good reason it probably has a lot to do with hajj and umrah also and can we make dua to reach a speedy afterlife I suppose these are all very good questions for the muslim

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You are right , 5 salat per day is really too little to reach fidous . We should try to be polite , righteous and pious . We should be attentive in fard salats , pray a lot of nafl salat , memorize quran , do zikr all the time , do zihad so that we can ask Allah to grant us fidous . We can do dua to ask for firdous . ALLAHUMMA INNI ASALUKAL JANNATUL FIRDOUS . Ameen thumma ameen .

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this is the best reply to a hadeeth I have ever read

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i know it might not be right but some people advocate tahhajud and beware of unaccepted prayers this goes back to my time at monash university campus mosque

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have a look at all religions Sikhism bahai djainism roman catholic all will have numerous suggestions sorry to say but all prophets accepted in islam

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There are many who go to majids and defend the idea that without the "hadeeths" muslims wouldn't know how to pray.

The bible has the gospel, in it, it shows how to pray.

Don't be simple minded.

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Wait a minute. Your saying that the torah and gospel says to pray 5 prayers and says to pray 2 4 4 3 4 rak'ah and also says about other prayers ? It teaches nothing about washing before prayer and nothing about what to say in prayer. Please explain what are you talking about??? It says what for prayer besides to pray....????

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The old and new testaments have accounts of the prophets falling on their faces and praying.

the qur'an is the book we have now to clearly show us how often to pray, and it also mentions to pray standing and prostrating, so with faith it's easy to understand the way to pray. The way to pray is to pray in a way pleasing to God.

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