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Aoa, We have a hard time financiall so I looked toward some money making while staying at home, as i am a mother of young kids. I cannot find anything potential although I am well qualified. Then I started doing online surveys, which helped me somehow. The only concern i have is that thesee surveys don't pay that much to put all that effort while some are rel long and only end up on sweeepstakes. So normally i cannot pay that much attention to all the questions and some of the qualifying questions are not answered truly. Although I am sure the amount they pay is so minimum that a professional would not bother to answer their question. So, I want to ask is it right to do such surveys providing some wrong information to qualify, while the question asked specifically to test the product or packaging is answered properly with full attention.

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I doubt online surveys pay very well. Even so, the honest thing to do would be to answer the questions honestly. But, when you compare it to what they actually pay control groups, you're probably being paid about 1/5th. So give them 1/5th of the right answers ;-).

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