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Strange things have been happening around the house for a while right now but not too great such as the oven knob randomly turning on a few times and a strange touch on my shoulder whilst I am alone. BUT it has continued to get worse such as a day when I went to sleep I was laying down for a few minutes with my eyes closed when suddenly i am completely unable to move or even make a sound. I know some people have similar experiences where they are unable to move because there body is in a close to sleep mode but when i was in the situation i could hear a brief screeching noise and my instincts immediately told me jinn's or demons were watching me. Whilst this was happening i was always completely awake and know it wasn't a dream because i was in that stage before you sleep when your able to think clearly. At the time my mind head a strange image of a pitch black hole where i was seemingly being forced to go in but as i approached It I made several attempts to escape until i finally did.

After this things have been normal until yesterday night where I went to lay to sleep but was unable so I walked to get a drink of water. As i walked backed to lay to sleep RIGHT on the other side of the toilet door which was fairly close to me, i heard a strange flute being played for a short whole which DEEPLY frightened me and cause me to flee the area and go to sleep. I was completely shaken up feeling another strange present around me. So i decided to make a Dua to get rid of whatever was happening and immediately everything felt normal i felt relaxed and able to sleep. Now the following morning i feel EXTREMELY strange and empty with no feeling of emotion unable to think very clearly i find it hard to think back more then a day or two. I can now also recall what i had dreamt which was unbelievably disturbing and shocking to the extent i cannot speak to any one about it for fear of judgement im finding it hard to even leave my house and feel this will continue to happen. I am also very tired during the day(this has been going on for for a long while) no matter what i do or how much i sleep as though something is keeping me up without me knowing what. I apologise for the length of this but feel i need some answers ( i have been a muslim somewhere close to a year now in which i started to pray, give zakat and so on but am still somewhat of a beginner). I havnt been to mosque to many times and was hoping to start going every friday starting from today but am still in a state of shock and confusion. What has happened? Why is it happening? How do i get it to stop?

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Do you live alone?

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Brother, I tell you this has happened to me as well.

There could be many reasons behind this,

  1. Wearing impure clothes during sleep.
  2. Impure bed sheets.
  3. Sexual desire/fantasy before sleep.

And I must tell you that offering the Friday prayer is obligatory on every Muslim.

Now the question is how can you prevent these things to disturb you?

  1. Offer the Isha and Fajr salaah.
  2. Always recite Aytal Kursi, Surah Falaq and Surah Naas before sleep.
  3. Perform ablution before sleep and sleep in the state of ablution.
  4. Always wear pure and comfortable clothes not very tight.
  5. Sleep in a pure place

It is advised to recite Surah Mulk before sleep.

Brother, when ever you encounter this situation you feel a heavy weight on your body, you are unable to move even to speak, but ALHAMDULILLAH your heart works totally fine so when ever you encounter these situations then keep your body calm as the more you struggle the more you will feel burden so keep your self calm and recite Surah Falaq and Surah Naas in your heart and In Sha Allah these things will disappear.

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assalamu alaikum.

i have same experience one day i was laying down in a room cross a door. door was open. i just laying down only. i didn't sleep. i feel some one had sited on my chest and pressing my neck. i can breath. i am completely unable to move or even make a sound. my eyes are open i didn't see anyone siting on my chest. then i start to reciting ayathul kursiy in my heart.(i couldn't recite by mouth) probable it took more than 2 minutes then i get released. we three people using that room. some time we together sleeping in that room some times alone. nothing problems. the second day i told the mater to my companion then one of my companion told me that he had faced exactly same problem before me and he also was laying down cross the door. both of us faced problem at noon and while lay down cross the door (in front of door). after that we never lay down or sleep in front of door crossly. i strongly advice you don't sleep crossly in front of door. nothing to worry. and follow the believers advice.

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The Muslim must, above all else, arm himself with the weapon of faith and righteous deeds, for these are the best provision he may have and the best means of foiling the plots of the devils among mankind and the jinn. 

You have to strengthen your relationship with Allaah, for He is the One on Whom you should depend. Remember Allaah a great deal in all situations, and strive to keep your tongue busy constantly with dhikr (remembrance of Allaah). No one can find any better protection against the Shaytaan than the remembrance of Allaah. It was narrated in a saheeh report from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) that Allaah enjoined five things upon Yahya ibn Zakariya, which he was to do and to command the Children of Israel to do, one of which was: “I command you to remember Allaah, for the likeness of that is that of a man whose enemy comes after him, until he comes to a strong fortress where he protects himself from him. Similarly, a person cannot protect himself against the Shaytaan except by remembering Allaah.” Classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Tirmidhi.  

Constantly recite the dhikrs narrated from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), such as the dhikr when entering the toilet, when having intercourse, when hearing the braying of a donkey, when entering the house, in the morning and the evening, when going to sleep, and in other circumstances and at other times for which a specific dhikr has been narrated from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). 

These dhikrs have been compiled in books such as al-Adhkaar by al-Nawawi, al-Kalim al-Tayyib by Ibn Taymiyah, and Husn al-Muslim by al-Qahtaani [the later is available with English transliteration and translation under the title “Fortress of the Muslim – Invocations from the Qur’an and Sunnah”, published by Darussalam, Riyadh – Translator]. 

You should also read a lot of Qur’aan in the house, especially Soorat al-Baqarah. Ahmad (7762) and Muslim (780) narrated from Abu Hurayrah (may Allaah be pleased with him) that the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Do not make your houses (like) graveyards, for the Shaytaan flees from a house in which Soorat al-Baqarah is read.” 

You should also purify your house of everything in which there is disobedience towards Allaah, such as keeping images and dogs. Abu Talhah (may Allaah be pleased with him) narrated that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The angels do not enter a house in which there is a dog or an image.” Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 3322; Muslim, 2106. 

If there are no angels in the house, it will become a dwelling for the devils. 

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Salam brother it is quite clear that you may have jinn in your house.

I would advise you to visit This website:

Inshallah if you contact them immediately they will be able to help inshallah. They are very good and effective

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Assalamualaikum Dear Brothers,

I do face the same problem more often. Ever since my childhood I am aware of this problem. Now I am 27. But from last one week I have been facing it differently. I get dumbstruck as usually we get in this kind of situation but in the last 2 encounters I was feeling tickling in my abdomen and the left side of my neck. The neck encounter was like someone grabbed my left shoulder and started tickling in the left side of the neck. It happened just last night. I was feeling so much irritation and struggling at the same time to get released. Somehow after a few moments I was able to move my right hand and flipped straight left. Then I felt completely awake and released. Though I wasn't feeling relief at all. I started reciting Surah Falaq, Naas and Ikhlas in the bed. I wasn't reciting the Ayatul Kursi as I thought I was not totally pure bodily, so I thought it would not be right to recite this dua of such high eminence. I was also doing dhikr of Allah's names. But I wasn't relaxed and in my full confidence until passed an hour almost. Meanwhile I heard dogs barking just outside the window near my bed. I got some courage to walk around inside our home, drank water and went to toilet. I washed my hand and legs with cold water. Then returned to my bed with some Islamic books so I could find some relief after reading them. Slowly I was feeling sleepy again and went to sleep eventually.

I should mention that we have three puppies outside our main-door that took shelter for winter in the incomplete garage. We feed them everyday after watching their helplessness in this cold and can't ignore their condition. But we don't touch them by hand or take in to our arms for once. Those puppies always try to play with us whenever they see us coming out from our home. But as they are off-springs of stray dogs, we prefer to not touching them or get too closed so that they can make us impure. My vital question is: can this sleeping problem become fatal? Please explain with resourceful information in the light of Quran and Hadith.*

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Salam brother more than likelg there is jinn involved. Are you in the uk...if so please get in contact with myself as iam a raqi n imam and deal with jinn,black magic etc. My email is


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Dear Brother Faisal,

Thanks for your reply. I reside in Bangladesh, an south Asian country. let's talk in emails.

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Assalamu Alikum,

Brother I couldn't help but post when I read this. You MAY have been possessed due to extreme fear when the Shayateen frightened you,this could have happened at anytime while running or sleeping. Your symptoms that you mentioned are a sign of being affected and I'm concerned if this has just happened after that night possession might be the case. You cannot take any chances even if not, one thing is for sure, you have company!!!

Please go to your local mosque and find a Ruqai to help you. Until then I make these recommendations to help weaken it.

  • Pray 5 times a day
  • Stay in constant wuduh, this means if you break it or think you have re-do it.
  • Do not swear, back bite or get angry or feel sad. I know its hard in your circumstances but please stay thankful as this is a test. Also the jinn will only strengthen in its resolve to weaken you rather than you weakening it.
  • Keep your home and clothing clean and wash well during bathroom breaks. Also say your dua when going in and out of the bathroom. I recommmend 'Fortress of a Muslim' this book insha'Allah will fortify you if you practice your duas everyday for every occassion.
  • Make lots of Dhikr, this can be anything from reading Quran, makeing dua, thinking of Allah and make sure to say BISMILLAH before every action.
  • Do not drop anything in your home, leap from a high place or throw items without saying BISMILLAH Or you could potentially hurt a member of their family or it and make things worse. Be careful and think before you do or say things as we Muslims should.
  • Say the dua entering and leaving your home.
  • Do not sleep alone or stay alone IF YOU CAN HELP IT.
  • Tell those around you, do not suffer in silence, this will only strengthen its cause to isolate you. Show it you fear ALLAH ONLY!!! Show it the Muslims know of its presence.
  • If you can play Surah Al Baqrah non stop and the rest of the Quran in the house. Increase its volume when you leave and recite BISMILLAH on everything, so it cannot touch your belongings.
  • Use nice scents in your home.
  • Bring some brothers to keep you company at home, stay over who are righteous.
  • Again, find a SHAYKH, please.
  • Make dua and don't make it in a way where you ask Allah like "please do this or that". Think carefully and open your heart to him and tell him of your suffering let Allah decide what to do for you. Dont EVER assume he is not listening. YOUR heart says more to Allah more than you know.
  • The shayteen, will discourage you, isolate you, try to hurt you and other tricks. Challenge it and strenghten your iman, DO NOT I MEAN DO NOT FEAR IT. IF you have to run at it screaming like a barabiran before you make a clash of swords DO SO AND BE BRAVE!
  • I'm giving you notice and reminding you as your sister you are at WAR and the only weapon you have is your eeeman. It will grow as a sword for aslong as your eeeman grows, it will strengthen, it will glow white hot the stronger your eeman grows and any enemey of Allah that stands before you will quickly fall. BUT you must'n give in to it or them and you must think of yourself at Jihad.
  • Remember this is an honorable test you have been given, not everyone gets to face their "demon" so to speak and fight it in the flesh, make the Muslims proud. Embarass shaytan and send his follower back to him broken willed and defeated. YOU CAN DO THIS.

A couple more things: - Remove all pictures of living beings, even cartoons- dont bring magazines into your house. - Dont bring anytyhing into your house with writings or symbols you cannot comprenhend their meaning or read, incase this is an act of magic against you. - DO NOT LISTEN TO MUSIC. - No TV-Jinns love entertainment. The environment of your home should be set in a uncomfortable Islamic condition so no Shaytan wants to stay and take up residence. - Do not let anyone sin around you or in your home. Remind them of Allah and speak a good word. - Do not rush your wuduh or prayers. - IF the shaytan talks to you, LAUGH in his or her face. Tell them "If all of Jinn and Mankind came together to harm me, you would accomplish nothing except by Allah's leave". If they taunt you, tell him ALLAH wrote this trial for you and you will gladly wear it because they arent anyone special anyway! - This is a time of reflection my brother and its time you took your mantle among st those of us who fight evil head on. Why this happened isnt important anymore, whats important is what you will do about it and how much you care to be a solider of Islam to give Shaytan a run for his low level schemes. - I cannot say this enough if you do find a Shaykh that can help you, you will have to put ALL YOUR FAITH SOLELY IN ALLAH (SWT). Or your treatment wont work and you will commit an act of Shirk without realizing. DO not for a second believe a man can heal you or help you. The Shaykh is just a means to deliver that healing and if him and you both have low eeman it also wont work. Trust in Allah, he knows best. Know you were looked after your whole life by Him and He will deliver you in safety if you let him.

P.s: I should have said this but I forgot in a rush to help you. Beware of Shaykhs that are not really pious. They could be magicians or exploiters. Do not pay them any money if they ask as rightous people in this field accept gifts of help or refuse because their reward is with Allah. If you cannot hear what they're saying or speak in anything other than Arabic meaning Quranic leave. If you don't feel comfortable, leave. If this person asks for your mothers name or for you to wear something refuse and leave. If you're a female DO NOT go alone, I think you're a brother, take a witness anyway. Everything they do must be according to the Quran and Sunnah. Even the dealings with the jinn. The Ruqai, must not excessively harm the jinn, torture or oppress it. These are people too, so if you sense cruelty as a human do not expect the jinn will leave as they will sense the Shaykhs lack of mercy as we'll. Ask them how they plan on treating you, if they will use physical force, burn or torture. If they say they do leave, the Quran is a healing this is enough to repel demons- anything else might result in harm to you or the jinn which may cause others to join the war against you (meaning the Muslims). Mercy should always be on hand when you can even to your enemies as not all jinn are evil and some of the sinners do come back to Allah. The Shaykh must remove all things evil, pictures and purify the place before he proceeds. Be very careful, some Shaykhs use other previously possesed people as a medium "heal" you. Do not accept this double oppression of humans and jinns!

You must must must, not be slack in your duties to Allah because it will be harder than if you kept up your worship. For each prayer make your duas, dhikr, recite 3 Quls and Ayat Al kursi then blow into your hands and rub on your body. Replenish your Fajr protection at Magarib.

I hope I have ignited a passion in you to carry this honorable burden and make it a life changing experience in your journey to solid faith.

I ask Allah to make you one of the special ones if you follow the advice and equip yourself with His dhikr, ameen. This is the time of Quran and Sunnah.

Wishing you well. From your Sister in Islam- Amina Labwatullah!

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Dear Sister, Amina,

I can't response to ur comments in full detail here because this site only allows a limited word count to write down. If u don't feel bothered then can i have ur email id?

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Assalamu Alikum Warahamtullah,

Respected Brother,

I don't need the full details. I understand you may feel the need to explain them to me but I won't be of anymore help than the help I offered you above. It's on you and if you follow the recommendations Insh'Allah Allah will remove your troubles.

Don't be side tracked, you don't have time to be emailing back and forth. Follow the advice brother, you have to fortify your defenses. Focus on strengthening yourself. It won't happen over night, it will be long, it will be annoying, it will be tough. But you CAN DO IT!

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Alright Sister, Thanks for your response and motivation. I will try to follow the instructions. Though I had tried to follow according to some suggestions given by some other bothers here in this forum before. But I couldn't keep up for long. I hope and pray that Allah gives me the force and courage to fight on and put me on tract again. As life gifted by Allah has many other things to offer besides this problem. My mother is also affected like this and precisely in more suffering way as per her opinion. So i guess i need to fight not only for myself but also for the ones whom i love most!!!

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Assalamu Alikum Respected Brother,

No your loved ones have their own relationship with Allah. They have to put in the work for themselves, help each other but the in the end each individual is responsible for themselves. Brother you have to follow the Quran and Sunnah, no more bidah! Islam only no culture, leave it. Islam is our culture!

Keep fighting, you are stronger than you think!

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Salam brother it is quite clear that you may have jinn in your house. I would advise you to visit This website: /ruqya Inshallah if you contact them immediately they will be able to help inshallah. They are very good and effective

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