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The Islamic Sharee'ah stresses that the wife is under the obligation of obeying her husband. This remains unless he commands her to disobey Allaah The Exalted. She is required to obey him and exert her utmost effort to fulfill his needs in a way that makes him satisfied and thankful. This is supported by the Hadeeth where the Prophet, , said:“If the woman performs the five daily 

prayers, fasts the month of Ramadhaan, maintains her chastity and obeys her husband, she will enter the Paradise of her Lord.” Likewise, Allaah The Exalted Says (what means): {But if they obey you [once more], seek no means against them.} [Quran 4:34] Moreover, the Prophet, , said: “Were I to order anyone to prostrate himself before anyone else, I would have ordered the woman to prostrate herself before her husband.”

So I advise you to communicate with your husband. Many couples lack communication so a lot of turmoil happens in the relationship.

In order to bring peace and prosperity in the married life, both the wife and the husband should take care of each other’s sentiments and emotions. The anger of husband brings to the wife nothing but tension, depression and confusion. Similarly, the anger of the wife brings to the husband nothing but disappointment, mental torture, frustration and bitterness. It is, therefore, advisable to both husband and wife to be patient and compassionate in their dealings.

Discuss the issues of him moving with you and how wonderful it would be,in addition ask him to discuss with his family the problems they have with you.If your husband loves you, then he should be willing to compromise. If you are patient and obey your husband then Allah will give you the hearafter,but try to communicate with your husband about the situation. Ask him to not get a job there but where you are At so you him can be together inshallah 

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From experience inshallah I will be married in about 6 weeks inshallah. Our plan is that we will not live together until 3 years from now inshallah and this is because we are both in university. We will see each other during summer and winter break inshallah and that is sufficient for us. I am willing to wait 3 years because I really think she is a very pious women. However I would have never do this if she did not agree to it. I'm saying all this because you have to compromise. If u can live with him for a while alhamdililah but do not forsake your marriage because of a year and a half

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Of being apart. If u can live with him for 6 months or more than put everything you have against his family behind you. If you can not then be patient inshalah and wait for him. You should not decide if he will be happy if you are not with him. Men hate when women make these assumption. He is trying so hard because he wants to be with you so be patient and you should only feel that way if he say that he cannot stay with you which you never mentioned he said. what you should do is rely on Allah. How many times have you turned to allah before you posted this question. Be patient and make dua

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Thank you.

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