Muslims or Kafirs? Brothers in Islam! Every Muslim believes, as you too must surely believe, that Muslims are different from Kafirs; that God likes Muslims and dislikes Kafirs; that Muslims will find God’s forgiveness, while Kafirs will not; that Muslims will go to Heavend (Jannah) and Kafirs to Hell (Jahannum). I want you to consider why there should be so much difference between Muslims and Kafirs.Kafirs are as much offspring of Adam and Eve as you. They are human beings likeyourselves. They possess hands, feet, eyes and ears. They breathe the same air as you, drink the same water and inhabit the same land. The God who created you also created them. So why should they be ranked lower and you higher? Why should you go to Heaven and why should they be cast into Hell?

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thanks...but let us go a little further and see what are .....

..The real difference between a Kafir (who does not accept God’s guidance and is ungrateful to Him) and a Muslim is not that of a name, that one is called Smith or Ram Lal and the other Abdullah. No one is a Kafir or a Muslim simply because of his name. Nor does the real difference lie in the fact that one wears a necktie and the other a turban. The real difference is that of knowledge. A Kafir does not understand God’s relationship to him and his relationship to God. As he does not know the will of God he cannot know the right path to follow in his life. If a Muslim, too, grows up ignorant of God’s will, what ground can there be to continue calling him a Muslim rather than a Kafir?

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great but let us go to.. ... the point I am making. It is essential to understand that to remain in possession of, or to be deprived of, the greatest gift of Allah-for which you are so overwhelmed with gratitude-depends primarily on knowledge. Without knowledge, you cannot truly receive His gift of Islam. If your knowledge is so little that you receive only a small portion of it, then you will constantly run the risk oflosing even that part of the magnificent gift which you have received unless your remain vigilant in your fight against ignorance.

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quote: that is why in Islam it is obligatory to look for knowledge.

Alhamd LiLaah

You said it

but what kind of knowledge ?

let us assume that one learns to Dentist...very well qualified...with two ...(1)theory (2) practical Yes ? very well now let us put our heads and think about Our Muslim scholars which one they put their Efforts?

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Of course my dear ! but to what am stressing is about Islamic knowledge....That Kitab Kuran" how many do they put it in practice and how of Preaching? in percentage if you don't mind.

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we call them 'muftis'

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we call them 'muftis' whoever preaches as officials ..

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some of us fall on the path of destruction and listen to the devil alhamdulillah i was born muslim and preset on the right religion

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Allahuma Nsur Islaam Wal Muslimiyyn- Wa ayid hum bil Haq wa Deen Birahmatika Yaa Arham Rahimiiyyyn. 'amin'

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