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Brothers! You call yourselves Muslims and you believe that Allah showers His blessings on Muslims. But open your eyes and see if those blessings are in fact descending on you? You cannot know what will happen to you in the Hereafter until after your physical death, but you can most certainly look around you and see your condition here on earth.

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thank you for sharing

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Alsalamu Alaikom, this hadeeth may explain Ibn Umar said: I heard the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him says: (When you sell in Usury, and you take hold of cows tails, and have approved of farming and abandon Jihad, God brought you humiliation that will not be dispelled until you return to your religion, God brought you humiliation that will not be dispelled until you return to your religion , God brought you humiliation that will not be dispelled until you return to your religion). Classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh Abi Dawood. i don't know if i translated it correctly sell in Usury: selling with benefit. take hold of cows tails: the one that follows the cow for plowing the ground. the meaning of this hadeth is: that Muslims that accept their way of living (approved of farming and take hold of cows tails), and abandon jihad God will humiliate us till we go back to our religion, it's meant as what did you leave the fondness of religion, not going to Jihad in the way of Allah with your wealth, nor yourself, nor your tongues. for more than fifty years no Arab president has raised a finger for pelistain, why ? "taking hold of cows tails" working for money and loving the life of this World on behalf of The life of the Hereafter. Just look at them sitting there taking hits without fighting back Muslims are being killed every day fearing if they fight Israiel then America will stop loving them, i'm hopping these days when AlMalik Abdullah (Saudi Arabia King) says "Hayya ela AlJihad (Lets go to Jihad)" and i will be one of the mujahedin that fought for this Deen and got killed for it, to dispel current Islam from this miserable Humiliation that we are in and return it to the way that it should be Full of Pride. and i am sorry if i said too much but that but Allah Kareem, Enshaa Allah Islam will come back as Prideful as it was. sorry if my English is not that good :( and i hope you got what i wanted to say :)

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thanks for the contribution, I may have missed the point but what was the question? sorry

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