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for what seems like a year i've been feeling depressed, angry and have had an overall negative energy in everything I do. unmotivated, etc. Im 18 years old and in university and realize that most of my stress may come from that, im not as religious as I would like to be, but I do try. I find it hard to feel normal, or happy. I cry almost all the time because I know that I need Allah (swt) in my life, I feel so alone. its hard to talk to my parents, and I don't have close friends. I want to be a good muslim, and I know I can be. I just feel like something is pushing me back, and it may be the shaytan. please give me advice on how to be on my way to becoming a better muslim inshaallah, to be rid of the shaytaan, and to finally feel the happiness and peace ive been longing for for so long. thank you, jazzakullah

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Wa 'alaykumus salam . Do the following to become a better muslim -

1 . Firstly , pray the five times fard salat with jam'at if you are a male , if you are a female pray these at home .

2 . Keep increasing nawfil salats and make up prayers if you missed some prayers intentionally .

3 . Pronounce the sura and duas in salat correctly and know their meanings .

4 . Read one juz/para of Quran everyday .

5 . Always stay with wudhu .

6 . Keep your tounge busy in zikr . Always think about Allah and his power .

7 . Increase your dinii 'ilm .

8 . Try to build a good character .

9 . Have both fear and hope in Allah .

10 . Live with righteous mumins .

11 . Do daw'at (send others the message of quran and hadiths) .

12 . Have patience in hardships .

13 . Always try to stay away from sins and follow shari'ah .

13 . And most importantly , develope a great ammount of love for Allah and Rasoolullah sawllallahu 'alayhi wa sallam . Also love all the pious mumins .

14 . Do dua , repent and ask Allah for help .

15 . Keep doing good deeds .

Inshaallah this will help .

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Alhamdulillah :D Good answer sinner slave promise to keep up the good work inshallah !

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I totally agree with what others have said on here, but I can understand that it may be a little overwhelming because there is a lot to do (particularly establishing a routine of praying 5 times a day, obviously this is super important. There are hadiths that state if we don't do our salah we're not even muslim!). Ofcourse aim to do these things when you can, but at the moment it's all about taking one step at a time, and I think the absolute best thing you can do first is read the Quran as often as possible - try starting by reading a few pages a day (if you don't know arabic then read the translations instead).

The Quran removes the 'rust' from our hearts, and once you are able to do this you'll find all the other things SO much easier to establish (like praying etc) because you fully understand WHY you're doing it and will feel motivated :)

But good luck! Ps. it sounds like you're definitely sincere in wanting to do this, which is a huge step, so don't worry! Turn to Allah and ask Him to help you with this :)

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Salam sister. I can relate to this 100% I am also the same age and I went through the same and take my word for it, as soon as I became a better Muslima my life changed for the better. Start covering up. When you hit puberty you should start wearing hijab and covering your satar! This made me feel better as I was being respected more and I didn’t feel the stress of having to look good to satisfy other people. I knew what I was doing was right and was pleasing allah so that was all that mattered. 5 times a day salah is the key to paradise and happiness. The best part of salah is making dua. Ask for what ever you wish as allah is always listening to us. Read quran daily. When my heart used to feel so heavy i`d read suarah yaseen and subhanallah my heart was as light as I feather as in all the sadness had gone away.

Surround yourself with good people and when I say good I mean girls who are well at following deen. They will be a good influence on you and motivate you.

Before going to bed and after waking up, read ayatul kursi this inshallah will help keep away the shaytan.

Seriously, follow this advice and the number 1 thing which is important is have sabar (patience) because you can pray and pray and ask for dua and you may think that “allah hasn’t accepted any?” all in good time my sister. Be patient and inshallah you will see the difference.

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