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sir i have a question regarding giving charities...i support many families by giving them some fixed amount of money monthly.One of my friend has now told me that this is not the proper way of helping someone because in this way he will a develop a habit of getting money without working , she also told me that it is also against sunnah.according to her i can help them to start their business.But if someone is disable or very old can i continue giving him the money.please advise

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It is never wrong in giving someone anything, rather what she has said has no basis in islam.

The Prophet told us that a Muslim is a brother to his fellow Muslim; he should not wrong nor harm him but rather support him. Anyone who helps his brother accomplish a need or supports him in times of adversity, Allaah the Almighty will soothe him on the Day of Judgment and will grant him peace and safety. [Al-Bukhaari and Muslim]

There is a Hadeeth in which the Prophet told us that anyone who alleviates the worldly suffering of his Muslim brother, Allaah the Almighty will alleviate his fear and hardship on the Day of Judgment; anyone who relieves a Muslim in distressed circumstances, Allaah the Almighty will facilitate matters for him in this worldly life and in the Hereafter; and Allaah the Almighty supports the slave as long as he supports his brother. [Muslim, Ahmad and others]

Consequently, anyone who exerts efforts to help others achieve their needs, based on this encouragement, Allaah the Almighty will ease his difficulties. These efforts will also be a reason for his safety on the Day of Judgment, provided that his intention is to seek the reward of Allaah the Almighty.

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