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Assalamualaikum.....Mecca Or Makkah Which is correct ..Is there any problem if i use MECCA because i have these

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Makkah is the correct pronunciation.

But as Westerners can not pronounce "Makkah" so they pronounce it as "Mecca" and write also.

Like Indians in Hindi call "Dehli" (A city in India) but Westerners pronounce it as "Deli".

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I'd say that "Makkah" is the more accurate way of saying/typing it.

Western society has started to degrade the use of the word "Mecca" by using it to describe places of haraam practices or to describe large gathering places where people perform islamically unlawful activities. Google the same, please.

I stick to using the word "Makkah" to describe our holy land.

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walaikumassalam....thank u for ur answer......BUT IS THERE ANY PROBLEM IF I USE MECCA......OR I HAVE TO CHANGE MY BLOG AND PAGE....

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I suggest you go ahead and change it to Makkah, to avoid confusion or misinterpretation.

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