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From birth I have had a birthmark on my cheek which started out very small and now i`m a teen and it has got bigger to the size of a 10 pence coin. I feel so depressed about it, I also have acne and other things that cause me to feel so down about myself. I don’t understand why allah is doing this to me? I would like to get married inshallah but who will look at me with such a thing on my face. I would like to get it removed but I will have a scar, is there any thing in islam that wouldn’t allow me to get it removed? Please give me advise on everything I have said.


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Hey :)

Firstly, whilst I agree with some points from Al Ummat I'd just like to say that you're being a little unsympathetic (and to be honest that's not the best way to give dawah, we should do it with kindness).

But about your question, I can totally understand if it's upsetting you (I think we'd all love perfect skin!), and my best advice would be to look at acne treatments (try seeing your GP/doctor, who may be able to prescribe something for it?).

As for the surgery however I've heard that we're not allowed to have it for beauty reasons (only if, say, we're in an accident and need to restore a part of our body, then surgery is ok) BUT, seeing as I cannot provide any verse from the authentic hadith or Quran, please double check this because I may be wrong.

Ps. we all go through difficult times, it's the whole point of this life, because we are being tested by Allah to see if we're worthy of going to Heaven. So the best thing to do is be patient and seek help in Allah, with whatever issues you're going through, and put your trust in Him. After all Allah will always listen to our prayers, and He will do the following things about them. Either answer it so that we get what we want, or save our reward for the hereafter instead. I hope this helps :)

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@MSS I agree to everything you just said, its just becasue sometimes we see people which such beauty and we think to ourself, why did god create such a beautiful girl yet she is taking advantage of such beauty and using it in bad ways whilst those who pray and make ibadah dont? I guess everythings done for a reason. It just worrys me, I feel i may never be able to get married as people are too interested in looks and who can get the most beautiful wife etc I guess all i can do is make dua and ask allah to make it easy for me and help with my future inshallah. Thankyou for all you said, you indeed have made me feel better alhamdolah.

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Assalamu 'alaykum . Sister , you can still get married as some men mightn't even care about your appearance . If you feel too much proplem and pain because of that birthmark , you should see a doctor . You should be happy with what Allah has given you . There are so many people who don't have legs , or hands , or even the ability to think properley . Some have cancer , some aids , some paralysis . Sister , don't you think you live in a better condition than them ? This is Allah's kingdom and he can do whatever he wishes . We have no other choice but to be happy with what he has given us . So , sister , stop thinking about this subject and think about the afterlife instead . Once we die , we will never get a chance to mend our mistakes .

@Hayat_96 , do you want to hear my story ? I am a male and I am just 5'3" tall and I have many diseases . Most likely even a female like you will be atleast half a feet taller than me . Do you think your problem is greater than mine ? I was bullied so many times in school for being so short . Still I force myself to be happy , as there is no other way , I have to accept what Allah has chosen for me . I hope this will make you feel better :)

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wow, i dont now what to say. I also was bullied etc but how you can pull yourself together etc its incredible. Keep being positive and it hasnt made me feel better just made me relise, that if you can say alhamdoulilah than so can I.


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