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a friend has asked if travel to Saudi would be good at the moment and I wanted to ask what others think as what I told him was "it is a country and 50% of the people are wonderful so you wouldn't be afraid for your daughter to walk around and it is becoming much more westernized for better or worse the only thing is the spring uprising and avoiding getting into fights with anyone at all"

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Yeah , it would be great to live in makkah or madina , but for poor people like me it's tough . If you possess the requirements , please live in arab .

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Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of Islam and the Land of the Two Holy places

Mecca and medina are the holiest city in the world. This country has an atmosphere of islam. The azdan are heard, lots of knowledge is there, and The children will have an Islamic upbringing. Alhamdililah what more can a person ask for. Off course a Muslim should move there

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