As salamu Alaikum brothers and sisters. I am new to this sight and I am sick and tired of nonbelievers and terrorist like those bombers in Boston and Hamas giving our religion a bad name. What can we do to change it?

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I think a good way is to make sure we teach Muslims the peaceful aspects of Islam so that they do not end up radicalized in any way.

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Its depends on your nature and point of thinking . Everyone have its own thinking its according to you but for my point of view Islam is such a beautiful religion i can not describe with words. This religion provide you peace, prosperity ,and all rights of women. But if you compare to other religion they never importance the women rights. Further detail if you want then download islamic application in your mobile. Islamic android apps

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Chuckster- I was born and raised Christian (from both baptist and Pentecostal denominations) and I can tell you that I didn't know anything of Islam and only knew what I saw and heard from the media. I met my husband who is a Muslim and started asking a lot of questions and reading books. I think everyone should read "The Idiots Guide to Understanding Islam" to learn more about the basic beliefs. After doing my research and meeting other Muslims I can tell you that they are some of the best people in the world who follow their religion a lot more strictly than most other religions. The Pentecostals that I grew up with that were against watching TV are now modernizing and allowing TVs in their homes. I say this because the biggest thing I've noticed with Islam is that they don't really modernize. The rules that were followed back when Islam started are the same rules they go by today. Honestly it is a very good religion if followed correctly. To answer your question: No, it is not a Muslims goal to convert everyone to Islam. Killing is not just freely allowed either.

I would also like to say that we can't judge all Muslims based on a few people's actions. How would the Christians feel if the world thought all Christians were like those of Westboro Baptist Church? The reaction you had of me saying that is the same reaction Muslims have when being thought of as the extremists who we hear about from the media.

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asalaam aleykum my point as "we muslims have bad name but NOT ISLAM"and none dare put off that nur walaw kariha l mushrikun. I would have put my points of views but for the time- Dosent allow me ;so i wll pause for a while

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Your points are all true but did you know that after 911 Osama bin ladin was blamed and because of that the entire Afghanistan was blamed. I come the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan and I am perfectly aware of whats going and I pleade with who ever believes all the news that the americans are giving you wrong details and they are trying say wrong thingsagainst muslims. Many people are suffering because of these lies. Americans murder and bomb innocent people and rape the women and children (look up these links if you don't believe me ( have ruined lives and they feel that they wouldn't like to share that kind of detail cause it could change peoples view about it. Most of the bombing that are happening are because of the americans and people are just trying to fight back (I am not justifying their actions).

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Islam is the purest religion that is to be today. The reason why we have a bad name is that Satan manipulates people (e.g. The government and media) to give us a bad name and show us on the news as terrorists and members of al Qaeda. The reason he does this is because our sharia law opposes every move Satan tries to make and do, Sharia law mentions that women should be covered all over the body but leaving the hands and face permissible but Satan has guided fooled and confused people into inventing mini skirts to be worn, giving men dirty desires, resulting in rape. It has to be stopped.

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asalaamaleykum ina din ind Llah,Islam how can it have bad name? But putting into its follower are being humiliated-so we try to re think as:- Why muslims are humiliated Today?

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Don't Trust What the Media or Government say, explore things yourself. Governments won't tell you that Federal Reserve and Bank of England are not State's but Private Banks who print your money. And Main Stream Media are in hands of Jews. They want citizens who do not question or think.

Islam teaches, "There is no compulsion in Religion". Islam is the fastest growing religion in West and I ask you which organization is forcing non-Muslims to convert in West?

I know why you asked this question and the answer is: It is the religious duty of every Muslim to convey the message of Allah because we believe every human on earth is the descendant of Adam and Eve and so we all are in a relationship of humanity and we want every soul to go in Heaven and to be saved from Hellfire so we are only trying to show the true path. We do Dawah, we organize Islamic lectures but we never force any one to convert because a person can only be a Muslim if he believes in it from Heart and if someone is forced to convert then he can never be a Muslim as in his heart there is no Islam.

There are anti-islamic terrorist organizations in this world who are trying to destroy the image of Muslims.

I would advise you to read the biography of Holy Prophet S.A.W, of course quoted by a Muslim Scholar and not an anti-islamic person. You will not find any mistreatment with a non-Muslim and you will see how and why the non-Muslims reverted to Islam. And how Islam emerged in Arab and from there to the whole region.

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I love your answer mashallah

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All Praise and Thanks be to Allah (S.W.T) :)

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Believer.. Where are u ??? :( imu

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I am not Islam or Muslim. I am a Christian. I know nothing of you or your religion except what I read on the internet or see in the news, and I no longer believe what they are saying. I have never read the Koran, I have only heard the negative reports on it. We as Christians are now being persecuted the world over and in our own country where we were born and grew up in for generations. This country was founded on Christianity, as in our Constitution which our own president is now trying to destroy. I appreciate reading the comments in these answers. I am not on this earth to force my religion on anyone, but as I understand, the Islam religion does. Is this a fact ? Is your goal to convert all to Islam or else make slaves of them or to kill anyone who refuses ? I am asking because I don't know. This is what I hear. God Bless

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My beloved blievers, Allah's Messenger sws has stated in a hadeeth,"When any of you see something that is wrong you speak out againgst it,change it with your hands,and the least of Iman is to hate it in your heart." When dealing with this topic one must keep in mind what Allah azza wal jall has stated in the Qur'an," Of the people there are some who say: we believe in Allah and the last day, but they do not really believe."(sura 2:8) Also," In their hearts is a disease and Allah has increase their disease and grevious is the penalty they incur because they are false to themselves." (sura 2:10) Also," These are they who have purchased error for guidance." (sura 2:16 inpart)

As believers we must always keep in mind what the Rasul sws has stated in a hadeeth reported in the sunan of Ahmed,"DONOT OBEY THE CREATED, IF IT MEANS DISOBEYING THE CREATOR." These words must be preached endlessly to the Ummah, for this is why we are haveing this discussion on this topic. Allah azza wal jall has told us about the the disease and His Rasul sws gives us insight into the heart, reported by Sa'id Al Khudri the Rasul sws has stated,"There are four kinds of hearts: a heart which is pure with a bright light: a heart which is wrapped around its cover: a heart which is reversed and a heart which is flattened. The pure heart is the believers heart which shines with the light of Iman: The wrapped heart is that of the kaffir: The reversed heart is that of the hypocrite who knows the truth but denies it; as for the flattened heart, it comprises both faith and hypocrisy; the example of Iman in it is like that of a vegetable which grows with pure water,and the example of hypocrisy in it is like that of a wound which is stretched by pus and blood, wichever substance overwhelms the other, it overwhelms the heart."

Now look at the four hearts and you can pick which anyone has that reads the words of Allah,"AND DUE TO THAT WE PRESCRIBED FOR THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL THAT WHOEVER KILLS A PERSON, NOT AS A RECOMPENSE FOR HIS KILLING OF ANOTHER, OR TO SPREAD CORRUPTON ON EARTH, THEN IT IS AS IF HE HAS KILLED ALL OF MANKIND." AND BLATANTLY GOES AGAINST IT! One of the explainers of the Qur'an named Mujaahid who studied directly under the companion Ibn Abbas stated "His sin is as heavy as the one who has killed all of mankind, this shows the serverity of killing a person with no due legal right."

Allah azza wal jall states,"AND DONOT KILL YOURSELVES. SURELY ALLAH IS MOST MERCIFUL TO YOU." (sura 4:29) The media in the west pushes this agenda with the help of these criminals actions in the name of Allah's perfected religion, we must admonish them for us to sit by and not speak out is a grave sin.Never is the concept, WOE IS ME, accepted in Islam,yes we rely on Allah, but we must also tie our camel.Naseehah is a great part of the deen,and this is what what the Rasul sws says to those who disreguard the haqq of Islam. "Indeed whoever intentionally kills himself,then CERTAINTLY he will be punished in the fire of hell, wherein he shall dwell FOREVER." ISLAM IS NEVER THE PROBLEM FOR THE DEEN HAS BEEN PERFECTED, THE PROBLEM IS MAN AND THE SICKNESS OF THE HEART INWHICH THE WASWASSAH (THE WHISPERS) OF THE SHAYTAN ENTERS. Shaykh Ibn Qayyim says in reguard to waswasah: "It is the starting point of any bad action; the heart is usally void of any evil or sin; so it may recieve whispering and temptation to commit a sin; satan turns it into a nice attractive action in the person's imagination, to make it so desireable,then he makes him foget about its consequences, until his heart becomes so attached to it, he eventually goes for it,with the help of the devils dispatched to ensure the sins are committed." Allah says," Stirring them up to commit sins ,and enticing them more whenever they show any laxity." (sura 19:83) In closing: This most beautiful prescribed way for mankind sent down by Allah swta will always be protected for this is Allah's deen,those that follow their own desires has refused to go to paradise as the Rasul has stated in a hadeeth,for not to obey Allah and His Messenger sws is a diffinit refusal,still we as believers has the duty to call them to the straightpath using the haqq of the deen,so don't get distraught call to them anyway you can,inshallah.....

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Lets talk about this topic.

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