I am 25 yrs of age and bought up in a well respected pakistani family. I have had a bad past, was around the wrong kind of people. I am in a relationship with a muslim guy of 22yrs and we ended up having sexual Intercourse- for me it was the first time. I feel very hurt that i let myself go, as i always told Myself i would do that once married and never before, but one thing led To another.. the thought of any other guy touching me Makes me sick physicaly. Not just that the guy i am With is caring, from a good fam, he is half pakistani and half yemeni. He is for me the ideal- he possesses all the characteristics compatible to me. He has lived a boyish life and is very mature and smart mashallah- and wants to make a good future for us both. He is working and is from a well family. My family want me to Marry in the family, they have given me options which i have declined as i cannot let them be my husband and i know i would be living a lie if i married them, moreso i have lost myself to my guy. Is it right for me to continue saying no to the options and ask For my guy to ask for my hand. I know it will be difficult and my family will ask me why i want to marry him but i cannot explain what i have done, i cannot bring the shame to my fam. I do love this guy and i can see a good future with him and vice versa. He loves me and wants to marry me too. I physically and mentaly Cannot let anyone else be with me. Please help me. Jazakallah

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I feel sad for you, as you seem to be ashamed for what you did. But at least you can ask a Mufti about what should you do.

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