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---Please read it could be extremely beneficial for me if i may get some answers

I haven't really discussed this with any one really but the thing is my whole life i have never really felt at peace. I have always been a extremely shy or/and had social anxiety which has made doing almost everything a challenge. You may think like Oh he's just a little shy and it will pass BUT no i have always felt like this since i can remember(since 4-5 years of age) I have always and still do feel like an outcast like i don't belong anywhere. Walking in the streets is thought to be something easy and simple for most people but for me i feel what i can only describe as emotional pain where my insides feel like there constantly being squeezed in making me feel very uncomfortable and my mind feeling like it is being eaten away. I have always envied other people simply because there able to live a fairly normal life where they don't have to fear walking in public. I dont know what it is i suspect its me being afraid of what other people might think of me or that they are constantly judging me but i have literally no control over this. I have tried so many.. so many thing to overcome this but even if im thinking something completely different whilst walking in public but part of me always seems to find a way to bring me down in pain. If you are wondering what it is i feel, imagine yourself in a roller-coaster take part of that and add it to constant and everyday situations and imagine how it must be like for me. I usually spend my days trapped or even in prisoned in my own home hardly ever going out maybe just to just for training. When i think of my life.. I just think i wouldn't care if i was just murdered one day as it would be like the suffering is over. When i am out i am constantly looking for situations to which i may be able to do a last good deed before i perish for instance if im at a train stop and i saw someone fall onto the tracks with a train seconds away i would for SURE jump in front to save the person because it could mean death for me and Allah may find it to be a good deed to save someone. The suffering is stopping me from going to mosque, from going to some islamic teachings and doing other things i would like and enjoy to do i fear it will be like this forever.

So my question is what can i do (regarding islam) to stop this or even ease the pain a little i fear it may one day lead to a life of complete sin which i would rather die then to let happen.

(Also i a good guy i dont like sinning and when i do it is very small and i feel terrible afterwards. I pray 5 times a day, give Zakat and overall act like a good person. What made me write this is the fact i have made so many Dua's so Allah may help me but help never arrives and recently i failed a test i greatly prepared for and made numerous Dua's concerning it but failed which hit me pretty hard).

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first of all is that you have to consult a psychologist; try to find a Muslim doctor so that he will understand your problem. Secondly

Compulsive thoughts are from the handiwork of Satan who endeavours always to disturb the religion and prayers of the Muslim. The exact cure of compulsive thoughts is to ignore them, not pay any attention to them and not to act according to them. This is the consensus of Muslim scholars. Imam Ibn Taymiyah said: 'Compulsive thoughts happen to everyone who worships Allah. Therefore, such person should go on performing prayers, supplications and indulging himself in the remembrance of Allah. One should not feel uneasiness from those satanic insinuations because they will end when a person keeps on doing those good deeds'. Allah Says (interpretation of meaning): {…So fight you against the friends of Shaitân (Satan); Ever feeble indeed is the plot of Shaitân (Satan). }[4:76]. Whenever a person sincerely intends to turn towards Allah, insinuations interrupt his prayers and his other forms of worship to Allah since Satan does everything he can to stop him. Whenever a person wants to pursue the way of Allah Satan spares no efforts to cut his way'. Imam Ibn Hajar al-Haitami said: 'The useful remedy for insinuations is to just turn away from them even if there is hesitation regarding some matters. When a person totally turns away from the compulsive thoughts then automatically they end after a while as experienced by many lucky blessed people. However, if a person takes them into consideration they increase gradually and drive him almost to the rank of insane people, sometimes even worse than insane people. We have seen that very often those who were afflicted with compulsive thoughts and who acted according to them became like insane people'. Izz Ibn Abdussalam wrote: 'the remedy of compulsive thoughts is to believe strongly that they are satanic insinuations and only Iblees (Satan) brings them to one's mind. Therefore, the person should strongly fight against them, surely Allah will reward him in his fight since it is against the enemy of Allah. Whenever a person perceives this fact, surely his enemy will flee from him'. Besides ignoring and turning away from the compulsive thoughts one should also practise the following deeds, which will help him get rid of them, Insha Allah. 1. Continue to remember of Allah at all times. Imam Abu Yala narrates from Anas in his book al-Musnad () that the Prophet said: "Satan puts his snout on the heart of the son of Adam () whenever he remembers Allah the Satan snubs his snout and whenever he forgets supplicating Allah the Satan swallows his heart. This Satan is called "Khannas". 2. Continuously seek refuge of Allah from the Satan. Imam Muslim narrates from Uthman Ibn Abul 'As that Uthman came to Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) and said: Allah's Messenger, the Satan intervenes between me and my prayer and my reciting of the Qur'an and he confounds me. Thereupon Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) said: That is (the doing of the Satan) who is known as Khinzab, and when you perceive its effect, seek refuge with Allah from it and spit three times to your left. I did that and Allah dispelled that from me. 3. Keep reciting Qur'an, particularly the Muawwa Zatain, i.e. the last two chapters of the Qur'an. 4. Make Dua' and turn towards Allah for His Protection from all problems. 5. Be occupied in the worship of Allah as much as possible. 6. Avoid disobedience to Allah and the violation of the rules of Shariah. Allah knows best.

Envy is a nasty disease of the heart that leads to bad conduct and behavior, all of which are sins and evils.

Envy leads to animosity, evil thinking about others' intentions, backbiting, spreading rumors, lying, turning back on each other's, parting with bad terms, it may also lead the envious person to inflict physical damage with the envied person and even murder may Allah forbid. It is a bad seed for a terrible tree of diseases.

reported by Imams Bukhari and Muslim, "It is not worth it, to envy anyone except in two cases. A man that Allah blessed with money and he spent it righteously, and a man that Allah blessed with knowledge and he implemented it in himself, and has taught it to others."

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Assalamu 'alaykum . Brother , do you know the following theory - " This world is an illusion " ? Our brains pick up signals from environment and make us think about various things . You don't need to pay any heed to the kind of shyness you are feeling . I suggest you immediately see a doctor , I think you have some serious mental problems . It is not impossible for it to be acquired by birth . I had this problem too . I was even afraid of going to mosques . But now I understand humans are very weak beings and there is nothing to be afraid of them . Do your work and don't pay any heed to these useless feelings . I think satan used these emotions to make me stop going to the mosque . If you are a male , going to the mosque to pray the fard salats is wajib for you . No matter what you must pray the fard salats with jama'at . And , Allah helps those who help themselves . Keep this in mind . Only doing duas will not solve our problems , we need to work hard to solve them . If you have any other problems , please tell me .

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