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I am 21yrs old and from 4 months i am having atmost desire of sex ...... i dont knw how to control and i cant ask this thing to my parents .... my friends who r non muslims and some muslims usually see the pron videos and satisfy themselves by using their hands but as i read 5 times prayer i was afraid of god i am afraid to do that.So i searched on net how to control sexual desire and it adviced me to see pron videos and use hands to satisfy ur self and i had done that but i feel it as zina of eyes so i stopped seeing them but if my desire is in elevated state i saw them day i saw a red light area i was afraid even my mind says just one time by using condom but i am afraid as its haram in islam and again started seeing pron videos to cntrol myself and prevent that thought.............................what shall i do??????????????

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Assalamu 'alaykum . Musterbation and pornography are totally haram . If you practised these , stop immediately and repent sincerely , ask Allah to forgive you . Please visit the following link for a detailed answer -

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