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Assalamu 'alaikum. Can someone tell me from when shirk started?

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I think it starts before Prophet Nuh Alayhi salam lifetime and that was why he was make a prophet among his people not to worship idols.e.g laat,walat notable idols by then.they are names of two great person among them.

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People of Nuh (a.s) was the first who did shirk. They worshiped the first Idol "Waddan" who was actually a pious man and after his death, shaytan saw the extreme sorrow of people and came in the form of an old man and gave them suggestion that he can create a statue of Waddan so that they all can remember him, and after that shaytan gave them another suggestion that he can create many small idols of him and they all can have his idols in their homes so as to remember him and after some times the new generation thought him as God and started to worship him.

Holy Qur'an says,

Noah said, "My Lord, indeed they have disobeyed me and followed him whose wealth and children will not increase him except in loss. And they conspired an immense conspiracy. And said, 'Never leave your gods and never leave Wadd or Suwa' or Yaghuth and Ya'uq and Nasr. (names of the idols) [Holy Qur'an 71:21-23]

For more details, download the book Stories of Prophets by Ibn Khatir from here,

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Both answer are correct according the scholars of Islam,and I thank both of you brothers for the Ilm may Allah reward you.

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