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The necessity to protect the “Muslim Brotherhood.”

I was approached by shady people who claimed first to be Mossad & then later to be the CIA. They said my name was similar to that of the Mahdi. They didn't say which part was similar. They said I would have to pose as a dajjal Mahdi before a midddle-east election & pledge support for Al-Qaeda or Wahhabis or any anti-democracy anti-muslim brotherhood group in order to cause damage to the muslim brotherhood in the elections. They had to crush the muslim brotherhood by any means possible. I would formally learn everything after taking up the job. They said I would have to tell the masses the names came to me in a dream or I psychically learnt the name. They said they would sew up the seal in my left shoulder blade and/or draw the mark on leg and/or broaden the forehead by removing hair. They also said I won't have to resemble the Mahdi 100%. For example the Mahdi must have a broad forehead a prominent nose. Hadiths also spoke about the mark in the leg & the seal & the myrtle leaf. However, they said they'd make only 2-3 changes in my body like sewing the seal and/or mark on leg and/or forehead and/or myrtle leaf &so on...they were sure "some hadiths could be faked at the expense of others" for some people. I refused to work for them. Even though at one stage they threatened to kidnap me & use my voice using a synthesizer on the phone to make it seem to the world I am declaring to be Mahdi. Then they'll make me go missing from the world, but have victory for American candidates in one Arab election. They said if they do it, no one will understand it. And they said they work so secretly no one can catch them. And trust me guys I am speaking the truth when I say what they said. Upon checking the names, I was told by two arabic-speaking people that my father's name Atiqul Haq was similar to Abdullah. My name is Syed Orko Atiq, one said Atiq means someone respectable or respected & is somewhat similar to Muhammad *I wouldn't have known my father's name, if they hadn't told me.

From the above experience it is clear that the west believes only democratic Islamic movements can take power at least in the present. That is why anti—islamic forces are desperate to support anti-democratic Islamic groups to stop the development of Islamic state. In this context it seems fard ayn(Allahu ‘alam) for muslims to rally behind the sincere “muslim brotherhoods.” This is because the west believes that anti-democratic groups can never seize power at least not as easily as MBs. I believe the publication of this simple incident may simply help unify muslims if not at least a little bit.

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