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I myself unfortunately have lost my way, I felt as though I was reading glasses my own story and thoughts upon stumbling across this forum.

Although I feel I have got over the worst year of my life which consisted of dark thoughts daily, and I have begun growing closer to part of my family with whom I was totally detached from for many years, my worst evil of being g stuck in nightmare of class A drugs for over 10 years now on and off is driving me to despair. What ever I do seems to circle around this nightmare life and I just don't know what more I can do after finding g that rehabilitation and recovery is designed for those who don't work for a living.

If I focus on rehab with faith as my guidance, I'm forced to give up work and unable to support my family the little I do, if I don't give up work my health care support network us minimal, I just feel I'm in a continuous vicious cycle with no end in sight.

If anyone help with similar experience and difficulty can offer productive advice I would much appreciate

Regards Denmark786

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