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If boy is 20 years old and he lives to his Aunt with his 20 years old cousin and likes her. then what Islam says about this. Because in same house they will have personal interaction many times. Is it lawful or Permissible in Islam or Not?

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You should note that a female cousin is a stranger to you, like any other non-mahram. It is not permissible for you to be alone with her or for her to uncover any part of her body in front of you. You is enjoined to lower your gaze and refrain from looking at her, and she is enjoined to do likewise.

A person who transgresses the sacred limits set by Allaah must be rebuked and spoken to harshly.

Beware of taking the matter lightly or being soft in the way in which you deal with this, for the Shaytaan may make this sin attractive to you and you may agree to it, in which case you would become subject to the wrath and punishment of Allaah.

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