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Guys i was searching from last 10 hours and i came to know that mostly non-muslim people hate Islam just because of terrorists,I hate it when someone use to say against Islam and our Holy Prophet Muhammad Pbuh

Is this misconception about Islam? if it is then how we muslims get rid of it? Because in near future its going to be very Harmful for us :)

Thank You in Advance !

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We should really discuss this in the community forum. But her is one link to a video that many who think jihad is terrorism is far from true and the two things are completely different. Also people or non Muslims need to realize one big thing .. Here is the link

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The most odious criticism of his person and obnoxious evaluations of his mission were and still are often generated during the geo political hostilities between the Muslim East and the Christian West. Whenever the Christian world in the past felt threatened by the Muslim forces or currently feels challenged by the Islamic revival or resistance movements, the stereotypical material pops up in Christendom against the Prophet of Islam to galvanize broader support against the Muslim armies or resistance movements. Hurting Muhammad (PBUH) in reality is meant to hurt the Muslims. Read this article:

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@Muslim Fighter Thank You Brother :) For Helpful Answer

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