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Hello. I have a big problem, but I think that is my fault. When I want to pray I don't pray concentrated, I mean, when I want to pray while I'm doing it I always start thinking about what I'm going to do then, about memories...thinking about everything except for salat and that makes me sick because I think I'm just making it worse because I repeat the salat again and again, and it happens to me the same. My only aim now is to pray better, just thinking about Allah and the our Prophet Muhammed (peace and blessings be upon him). Please help me.

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Brother i read your question and it happens with me sometimes,and you can help it because your mind is in your control....It is absolutely the Satan (Shaitaan) who is trying to Distract you...

All you have to do is very simple,Make your faith more stronger love Allah and Muhammad Mustafa Pbuh by True heart...Close your eyes and do not care who is watching you or who is not...

Try to offer Salah (Namaz) in seperate room,So you wont hear the people's voice :) Allah is with you... Just think once while you are Praying or Offering Salah

You are infront of "Almight Allah" when you think something like that No "Satan" will be able to distract your mind :)

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Thank you so much, this is a very valuable information. Jazak Lah khayran.

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Rasullullah sal ALLAHU alaihi wasallam said it is a devil called khanzab.HE said if you fell his presence,seek refuge from ALLAHU SUBHANA WAT'ALA against the devil,then turn to the left and split 3 times.

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