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assalamvalaikum brothers................. I wanted to sort out a confusion on social networking sites....... can we chat with the unknown girls. as we know lakhs of muslims are active on social networking sites. does islam allows to communicate with the other gender without knowing them? if we do so iss that considered as zinnah?

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good question, we can communicate with those, who veil themselves, and not speak that which islam hasn't permissed

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I do not think it is permissible for a man to add any women who are not his mahrams to his list of friends, and especially it is not permissible to correspond with them and chat with them. What is more dangerous is when you can see them. That is because this opens the door to fitnah for those who get involved in it, and the tragic consequences that result from forming relationships between men and women are too many to list and too well-known to need mentioning. The Muslim should not be deceived by the Shaytaan’s making these relationships attractive by claiming that they are for the purpose of da‘wah, exhortation, advice and helping others. If a man really is keen to call people to Islam, there are millions of his fellow males who need that, so he should hasten to add them and help them. The same might be said to sisters who want to help others: they have to do that their fellow females and leave calling and advising men to other men.

With regard to the shar‘i (religious) ruling on signing up for Facebook, it depends on the intention of the one who wants to sign up. If he is a man of knowledge or a seeker thereof or a member of a da‘wah group, then it is permissible and good, because of the benefits they have to offer to the people. But for the one who joins it for evil purposes or for whom there is no guarantee that he will be safe from temptation and may easily slip, especially young men and women, it is not permissible for them to sign up for it.

The one who knows the reality of our times and the temptation and turmoil that is knocking at the door of all of our houses will not object to any faqeeh or mufti (religious scholar) who disallows anything in which there is harm, whether it is totally or mostly harmful. The fact that there is some small benefit does not encourage one to say that it is permissible because there is still fear for the one who embarks upon it. If what is good and beneficial is great and the evil and harm is small or non-existent, then we may with a clear conscience say that it is permissible. Hence some of our scholars were very strict about satellite channels at first, because of the pure harm and evil in them; but when there started to be some great good in them and completely Islamic channels were founded, and receivers that only accepted those channels became available, the view that they are permissible became valid; indeed we see that many scholars have contributed to these channels and have useful programs on them.

The one who cannot control himself on Facebook and similar sites should refrain from joining them. Joining them is permissible for the one who acts in accordance with the shar‘i guidelines by controlling himself and not following his whims and desires, and who joins them so that he can benefit himself and others.

The wise Muslim should realize that his lifespan is limited and that he will not live on earth for ever; he is going to meet his Lord, may He be exalted, Who will ask him about his youth and how he spent it, and about his life and what he did. So let the wise one look at the early generations of this ummah and its scholars, and think about how they thought about time and their lifespan.

Ibn ‘Aqeel al-Hanbali (may Allah have mercy on him) said of himself: It is not permissible for me to waste an hour of my life. When I stop discussing issues of knowledge and debating them (with others) and when I stop reading in a book, I would start pondering and thinking when I am resting and lying down, and before I get up, I will have already an idea that I should write down and I am very keen to increase my knowledge now I am in my eighties and more keen than when I was twenty years old.

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