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Assalamualaikum.It's about my friend.He is doing his B.Sc engineering and is a 2nd year student. He may get a job after 3/4 years from now.Now he is not earning and is depending on his parents income.But he is very hevily in need of physical demand.Now what can he do according to Islam?

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What do you mean by physical demand? If you are referring to sexual arousal then he should get married even though he is in school. What is stoping him from marriage is his thought that he has to be dependent of his parents. Rather allah is the one who provides. He could still live with his parents and work pat time while being married. there are many possibilities but if he does not want to, then he should fast and lower his gaze because this will help him curve this habit of looking at women and help him deminish his desire. He needs self control, fear Allah and nothing could shake his heart. He should try to become closer to to Allah.

"O youthful people, if any of you have the means to, he should get married, as it lowers the eyesight and protects the private parts. Those who have not the ability to do so should fast, as it will be a shield for him."

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