Brothers/sisters- in Islam! Why should we believe in the Kalimah, what benefits shall accrue to us by it? Let us try to find an answer to this important question.

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Surely all praise is for Allah. We praise him & seek his help. We seek His forgiveness & we seek refuge in him from the evil of our own souls and from the wickedness of our deeds. Whomever he guides shall never go astray. And whomever He allows to stray shall never find guidance. I bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah, alone, who has no partner, and i bear witness that muhammad is His slave & His messenger. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him and upon his family and his companion and upon those who follow them in piety until the day of judgment. With out you believing in the kalmatu sha'ada and without you saying it in your mind always and openly that mean you are not a muslim because it is the 1st and the strong pillal of islam. And before any body can convert to islam he/she must again must say and believe in kalmatu sha'ada.

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Amin yarabbiyal alamin..

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jannah, a better life, a better world and allah mercy :)

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Aasalam aleykum, thank you.Please teach us more.

What Does the Kalimah Teach Us? What, then, is the nature of the knowledge which the Kalimah Tayyibah imparts to us? And what difference takes place between the actions of a Muslim and a Kafir after acquiring this knowledge?

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The kalima teaches things like how to be a good servent to your lord and a good person in general and almost any problem you have has a soulution in sunnah a muslim that hears anything has become prohibited will gladly give it up for the sake of their lord a disbeliver will not care and do anything to make themselves confortable in this world, but in their ignorance dosent think of their place in jannah the best example i can give is prohabition of alchol when the verses came out that no one may drink alchol every muslim threw out their drinks and there was a hadith saying how the roads were filled with alcohol but then think of the prohabition in the u.s. the amendment came out and americans went crazy, they did everything to get alcohol smuggle it across a boarder make it at home did tunnels for people to bring alchol through so the cops wont see people taking alcohol into a bar hide it in their boots and even a popular term came out because of this called 'bootleggars' and eventually the government relized the intake of alcohol was not decreased by this law, and eventually abolished it. this shows how strong a muslim is compared to a disbeliver, and the difference is the sripture we turn to in our time in need

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