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There are many jungles in the interiors of Africa where humans live where the holy QURAN has not reached. These people worship animals,idols etc.

Why would ALLAH make them born in such remote places with no access of Islam and then BURN them in hell for IDOL worship..??

I need sensible answers please..! and they would be appreciated too :)

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Also it is our job as Muslims to spread Islam. If we know of a people who have not got the message then clearly we have work to do.

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As yaqin said Allah is just. please keep your trust in Allah subhana WA ta'ala for he knows all and he knows best. It could be that these people would wrong themselves whether or not the message came to them. I mean I live in north America where lots of people know Islam and have no desire to learn about it or change their ways. Do the best you can in Islam and being a good muslimah do all you can and trust in him. :)

(May 10 '13 at 02:06) sadie ♦ sadie's gravatar image

sorry sister but this doesnt answer my question :( I know all that what u said but I want the answer in reference of what I asked..jazakAllah khair !

(May 10 '13 at 10:02) aaliya ♦ aaliya's gravatar image

Beloved, to ask why Allah do anything is very dangerous, always remember that one of Allah's name is ADL "JUST" and Allah is never anything but just. Second: It has been reported on the authority of Abu Hurayrah that the Rasul sws said," On the day which there is no doubt, those that the message of islam did not reach, Allah will bring the hellfire before them and order them to walk into it, those that do will walk into paradise, and those who refuse will go to the hellfire." ALLAH IS AKBAR!

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do you have the proof of this hadith brother..?? if you have the proof then all my doubts would be cleared ! and my beloved brother I never doubt Allah, I know he is "JUST" but actually this question was asked by a reverted brother to me and thats why I posted it out here so that others may learn !

(May 10 '13 at 10:01) aaliya ♦ aaliya's gravatar image

Beloved sister,this hadeeth is well known,and it is in four of the sahih sitta such as, Ibn Maja, Abu Dawood, Sahih Muslim, Tirmidhi,and in the sunan of Ahmed.May Allah reward you..

(May 10 '13 at 13:58) yaqin ♦ yaqin's gravatar image

aameen..barkALLAH feekum dear brother !

(May 11 '13 at 08:34) aaliya ♦ aaliya's gravatar image
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