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I am a revert Muslim and the only Muslim in my family. I have been married before and have been divorced for 5 years.

If i was to get married would my father be able to give me away, be my wali even though he is not muslim?

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Forgive me if I am wrong but I believe no. He can't be your wali. It has to be a Muslim man who is mahrem to you meaning not one who can marry you. If you need a wali your local mosque should be able to help you. Insha Allah this helps and in no way did I give you wrong information Insha Allah . To make sure lets wait for others to respond.:)

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yet he is no Muslim but he is your father u cant rule him out be kind to him and discuss the matter with Ur father and tell him exactly what the situation is and also try to convince him to be Muslim . yr problem will be solved easily but on other case if he refuses to cooperate with u then i think u should try yr self to find a Muslim partner in a legal way such as ask Muslim Community in yr region/ask some Muslims friends / use internet which one it suits when u find a suitable match then involve Ur father but if he refuses to marry u with a Muslim men then doesn't involve him .marry through court or other way . Ask form Allah will definitely help you ,Allah(what a Great Lord and What A GREAT HELPER)

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1) You are divorced so You dont need anyone to give you away or be your wali.

The need for a wali only applies to women getting married for the first time.

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To be satisfied please provide citations. I good teacher once told me " never except anything in the deen without proofs."Salam.

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2 - وعن ابن عباس قال " قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم الثيب أحق بنفسها من وليها والبكر تستأذن في نفسها وأذنها صمائها " - رواه الجماعة إلا البخاري وفي رواية لأحمد ومسلم وأبي داود والنسائي " والبكر يستأمرها أبوها " وفي رواية لأحمد والنسائي " واليتيمة تستأذن في نفسها " وفي رواية لأبي داود والنسائي " ليس للولي مع الثيب أمر واليتيمة تستأمر وصمتها إقرارها "

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Ibn Abbas narrates that the Prophet (saw) said: "A previously married woman has a greater right over herself than her wali. However, the previously unmarried woman with be asked if she wants to marry (the man her wali has chosen). If she says nothing (out of shyness) it will be interpreted as a yes." This hadith has been narrated by all six books of the sihah sitta, except that of Imam Bukhari.

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