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IS IT TRUE THAT MUSLIMS BELIEVE THAT THE DEEDS THAT THEY DO HERE ON EARTH,WILL GET THEM TO "PARADISE" for example, striving to keep the Five Pillars. If good deeds outweigh bad deeds, people hope God will accept them?saving up money for the pilgrimage to Mecca and are freely giving alms to the poor.God is the just Judge and will not let sin go unpunished, regardless of how well you keep God’s laws or how many good deeds you do. Keeping the Five Pillars cannot get you to heaven. You are a sinner according to God’s Word (Romans 3:23; 1 John 1:8).

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(1) Faith.

(2) Righteous deeds.

(3) Exhorting one another to truth.

(4) Exhorting one another to patience.

From Quran Surah Al Asr-Chapter:103, V: 1-3

You Can Get Jannah (Heaven) Anyway,If You Are Able To Get Allah's Mercy On You By Your Deeds By Your Sacrifices And By Your Nature Of Living

Islam Is Very Easy Religion And Yet The Most Difficult :) For Those Who Dont Blindly Love Allah :)

Mostly People Offer Namaz "Salah" By The Fear Of Allah But Correct Thing Should Be Fear And Love Of Allah :)

Allah Loves Everyone Brother :) And Then Mohammad Mustafa SalLalahu Alayehi Wasallam

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Please visit after you enter the site,you will see search bottom on the top of the site,go to the box and enter /blind/.after you enter it click on search botting. It will load and show another page. After the new page has been shown,scroll down you will see some statements, click on the statement /good news for the blind/ after it load and show another page, scrol down to the statement /good news for the blind/ read the sentence under it and jot some points. which will let you know that <good deeds="" can't="" guarantee="" jannah="" except="" allah="" subhana="" wat'ala="" mercy="">

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mikayla : yes we are all sinners. And your cutting it short. Not only are we to do good but we are also to forbid evil. Good deeds are not only going to hajj and giving charity. Good deeds are counted just like bad deeds are counted. Everything we do is recorded. There is alot more to what you put in your post. Agreed that god holds to his promises of reward and punishment. But also do not make a small measure to gods forgiveness. For Allah subhana WA ta'ala forgives whom he pleases and punishes whom he pleases. And let you keep in mind that YOU yourself have no idea what will and won't get people into heaven or hell. That knowledge is with god alone. What we are doing as Muslims is fulfilling our covenant with god . And yes the 5 pillars is the foundation to that covenant. I hope this helps you understand a little better about good deeds .

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Its just that some muslims that i know speak of the "Good deeds" they do as if thats whats going to make them to PARADISE? As a Christian I believe only God can forgive us are sins...No matter what good deed we do, we could be sent to hell. I was asking because some muslims that I know, feel like they will be more blessed by their Good works, I ASKED if it is true i did not make a statement as if it was facts!

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Ok here. Im going to ask you. , is there any reward for good other than doing good? I wasn't imposing that you meant any harm by what you stated. I only want you to have a better understanding of why Muslims think alot for our good deeds . That is because what we do in this world will determine what we get in the hereafter. And also sister every good deed is based on intention. Meaning your intention has to Have piety just as the deed its self.

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