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i have been married to my wife for 4 months now,but we live separately at our parent's home because we are still doing our studies. recently someone told me that if a couple does not have sex, they are automatically divorced. is there any authenticity to it? Is it mandatory for Muslim couples to have sex?

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I think your referring to a marriage being consummated. Most marriages are not fully recognized untill the wedding light has been official. It is also much easier to annul a marriage if the couple has not had sex.

Since your circumstances are somewhat different, as you are attending school, I believe ALLAH would be more pleased. You are maintaining your studies, and thus trying to set a secure life in place for you and your new bride.

Not having sex does not render you divorced. You have signed a legally binding contract. For it to end you would have to go to court.

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thank you very much for the reply. :)

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I agree with sadconfusedwife point of view and as you told that we are studying so first complete your studies then go for sex. if you and your wife compromise for limited time period let's say till studies that's ok

IMO just concentrate on studies rather then thinking of that

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