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Asalamu alaikum I was loving a girl without Nikah... Bt i heard love before weding is haram.... I broke my relations with her and turnd to Allah ... Now i wanted to marry with her . She is living 150 kilo meters from me and she is only daughter to her parents they hand no other son or daughter.... My mother is not allowing us to marry because she is only one girl to her parents.... Now we decided to marry without parents will..... Should our marrage be valid or not...... Please tel me answer in the light of Quran and hadith

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Waalikum Asalam I searched alot of websites and I found this answer It is better to get the acceptance of your parents because in Qura, an Allah orders us to obey them Also, one of the conditions of the right islamic marriage is the acceptance of both your parents and hers to have both of you mqrried

Well in your condition, it seems like you really love her and you might do haram if you didn, t marry her. Also, the reason of being the only daughter to her parents is not enough to stop your both marriage. For your case, islam allows you to have other relatives of both you and her to be attorneys prohet mohammad peace be upon him said that the marriage without the approval of the attorneys, parents or rekatives or whoever person responsible is not vital if in case they family or the parents fight they go directly to the person in charge of all " like a prince, khalifa or the lord of the city or village

Finally, try your best to not make your parents feel angrey try to explain to them that you are in love with her and you might do haram if you didn, t marry her . Try to let your mother sit with the women and talk to her before you both abandon your parents attorney and ask for other, s attorney

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If you marry without her parents consent then the marriage is haram in it is one in the sight of Allah. It will not be accepted, however for a men he does not need permission, but he should always want his parents to be happy with his decision. Your mother has more rights over you than anyone. So you should not anger her.

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