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assalam alaikum,,,,, i suffered from negative thinking and always be fear about negative happening...i m offering namaaz as much i can and also make dua to Allah to help me in solving such problem, but still problem is persistent. does islam allow to wear stone or such like things.. plz guide me Allah hafiz

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Wa 'alaikumus salam wa ra'hmatullahi wa barakauhu wa maghfiratuhu. Brother, these negative thoughts might be coming from satan. Satan is our enemy. We should not let him be victorious. Negative thoughts can ruin our lives. Those who think negative seldom succeed. Negative thinking will not be much helpful in solving your problems. Always have hope in Allah. No matter what don't ever think that you will fail. Keep doing good and ask Allah to help you. This life is a test, so learn your lessons and apply them properly. Negative thoughts bring you one step closer to failure, so be optimistic. Recite A'uthubillahis sami'il 'alimi minash shaitanir rajim. Keep doing thikr with Sura Fatiha, Sura Ikhlas, Sura Falaq, Sura Naas and Ayatul kursi. InshaaAllah these problems will be solved. Always stay with wuzu and recite durood as much as you can. And no, you shouldn't wear stones to help you solve your problems. Believing that someone or something other than Allah has the power to help us solve our problems is minor shirk! Do not even go near shirk. Instead of wearing stones, recite du'as, InshaaAllah they will work.

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alhamdolillah,,,brother thanks alot for reply.allah may spread all the nemat on u.

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