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I am 36 years old live in USA and I come back to my country to get marriage but I hardly able to find a girl and I have searching for 15 months right now and still don't find a girl to accept me because no one want to come to USA if I go back without getting marriage then I have to find non Muslim girl in USA because their is not even one girl that I like it accept my asking to marriage, whomever I like it more than 50 girls that I ask they all said no and all my family live in USA I can not stay here, is that Ok for me to get marriage with non Muslim girl at this condition? but I always ask someone whom I know is good Muslim not just any girl. pleas repliy

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You should not marry a non muslim because of the bad effect it could have for you and if you have children. Ask allah for a blessed wife. There are many others ways to find a wife that is pious. Go to a local mosque and ask the imam to announce if anyone wants to get married. Ask any freand and family member if they can help you find a wife.may allah make it easy, but I warn you that there will be great consequence in marrying a nonbeliever. You will be judged according to picking a right mother for your children so it is a bad idea.

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Why don't you just marry a muslim woman in the USA? I'm sure there are plenty around.

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Marry anyone... doesnt matter... in the End Muslim girls ruin your life anyways...

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Give proofs from ahadith or Qur'an. Please do not give negative advice because of your personal experience.

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