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I want to know if putting fake eye color by using contact lenses is not haram in Islam.

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As-salamu 'alaikum. If one cannot find any natural or colorless contact lenses, there is no harm if one wears colored contact lenses. But to wear colored lenses as a source of beautifying the eye-color, and attracting attention would be forbidden simply because the eyes do not constitute part of the women’s ‘aurah’ or covered parts, and it would be a means to attract the attention of other men.Thus, it would be better and purer, if a believing women would avoid wearing colored contact lenses in front of non-mehram males. There is absolutely no harm if the wife wears the colored contact lenses in front of her husband and other mehram males. In front of the husband, she may wear whatever she likes, as there is absolutely no veil between a husband and a wife.

Source - (islamhelpline has no copyrights, so I copied this answer. Feel free to copy and paste from this site and spread islamic knowledge)

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