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Assalamu aleikumwrAllahwb,

My husband an me decided some years ago because of many problems to get some distance from each other. As we had children we didnt want to seperate and so we decided to stay together as man an wife, to care for thechildren and to live in the same house but without having sex with each other. Arround 2 years after, my husband went to mary another woman and the life was going on until our daughter died. In this hard time my husband an me find back to our love and we had also sex again. Now the second wife of my husband did suspect our love and she is very angry .she said , that my husband has to separate me or she wants to divorce. Because she would not have married my husband if she could knew, that after a time he would love me again. At the time of marying her , he had really no hope that things with us one day could come to the better but he has never promised her , that he would never love me anymore. How he could do that, as our hearts are in Allahs hand? My husband is in trouble now. He is not sure if its right to have sex with me or not. He is afraid that Allah could ask him for that . He dont know if he is doing a mistake against his second wife , because she did mary him for the reason only that she is the only one and he loves just her. I´m just asking myself what she would say if he wants to mary a third woman. In this case also she can not say , I married you without a third woman , so I want to divorce now . My husband still is afraid to tell her the truth about our love and denied evrything for that she feels more comfortable. So how all of us now are going on.? Has my husband to continue lying about us.? The second question also is concerning my husbands wife. Before marrying her ,her parents insist that he is signing a paper or they would not agree with the marriage. In this paper he had to sign that his wife braught furniture with a price of 250000LE .And that in case the two seperate from each other, he has to pay her the amount of 250000LE back. But the truth is that she hasnt paid for any furniture. All the furniture and also the flat they are leaving on , my husband was paying for. But he signed this paper because he was in love with her and he wasnt expecting that one day they will seperate. Now he isnt sure if in case she insits of seperation, he has to pay her the money . This paper is a big lie. But he signed it. Concerning this subjekt he wants not to know how to defend himself against a lawyer. He wants just to know what the shariya would command him to do so that Allah will not ask him for that yaum alqiyama.

Enshaallah you will make the things clear to us . I want just to say that he only wants to leave in peace with both of us and to make things right and not to hurt anyone.

may Allah reward you for answering us and helping us to understand


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Haa! Your husband was at fault. Leave him alone to sacrifice his unfulfil signature/promise. You can only advise him to explain evrything to lawyer frm begining & alow sheriah court to judge

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