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where is allah's kursi? is it in arsh? is arsh is in seventh sky or above seventh sky?.

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Arsh is Throne.

According to my little Knowledge,

Above Seven Heavens is the Kursi of Allah (S.W.T), above the Kursi is Water and Above the water is the Arsh of Allah (S.W.T).

And Allah Knows best.

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assalamu alaikum. @ believer i think your answer is right. i believe arsh is ALLA's throne. if you don't mind i need clarify some doubts from you. ALLAH (swt) says in ayathul kursiyy "his throne[kursi] extends over the havens and the earth". in noble quran 41:54 end of the verse ALLAH [swt] says "verily he it is who is surrounding all things". my question is can we believe ALLAH [swt's] dath is above kursiyy and his knowledge and power all over and universe surrounded by ALLAH [swt's] arsh?. i am asking this because we are in universe on the earth. the earth shape is round. when a person raise the finger to the sky and say ALLAH [swt] is above sky it would be right. according quran verse 41:54 "verily he it is who is surrounding all things" it is right. i am asking to you can we believe universe is surrounded by ALLAH[swt's] arsh? i don't know. ALLAH [swt] knows every thing. if i am wrong may ALLAH [swt] forgive me.

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