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I'm a 19 yr old Muslim girl . I was sent out for my graduation by my parents . My family is very religious n very well known in the town. They r very respected by everyone in the town n I'm the eldest daughter . I get angry very soon n start creating a scene everywhere possible but I obey my parents n do respect them n also offer salah and read quran everyday and also wear my hijab to college.wen I turned 18 everything around me turned as well . I went to new college and there I met a guy who was 22 yr old at first I hated him n later on we started to go on dates and he started getting physical with me . He used to take me to his house and kiss me and do all dirty things but I've not had an intercourse with him. He is crazy about me and I don't love him at all. I just don't understand y I even did all these wid him. He is also a Muslim guy but never offers salah or even believes in Allah I tried to change him but he did not. All he wants from me is sex n also wants to marry me. I repent for all the bad deeds tht I've done and its been a month since I left him. Now I'm back in track with my old self . I read quran n offer salah all the time.i love my parents a lot and I don't want to cheat them at all. I knw tht I've already cheated them and also Allah by choosing the satan's path . I regret a lot and I never want my parents to ever know about all those things I've done. Does this mean tht I'm a prostitute .. Plz tell me whether I've done d right thing.

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Dear sister, I think you should leave him in you wanna lead a better Islamic life. Do TAUBAH for whatever you have done and let the guy go.



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Jazakallah zaman

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Jajhakallah. Look, I have experience with similar problem.the problem solved by the grace of ALLAH. If you want to discuss more about the problem solving in a better way then you can mail me at


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