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Asalam walekum, this is Mrsabc .My question is I am 19 year old girl and I love a man who is 26 year old. We both have informed our family about our relationship.But the problem is that the man is having a small sister who is suitable for marriage and the biggest isssue is that the man is suffering from KIDNEY DISEASE.He had undergone kidney transplant surgery and I still love her. He is physically fit and his family is ready after his sister marriage but my father is strictly against saying he is medically unfit . He loves me a lot and his family will also except me. My question is can we go for secret marriage .And after the marriage he will take me to his family and declare the nikah to his parents, as his parents already know that would not be a shock to them.If we go for secret marriage what is the procedure for it. Plzz help me.

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Wa 'alaikumus salam wa ra'hmatullahi wa barakatuhu wa maghfiratuhu. Marriage without the permission of walis is not valid. Sister, we shouldn't do what our parents don't like. Our parents have done so much for us and we mustn't hurt them. You should marry the man you love only if your parents allow it. Marriage is a bond between two families. If there is no bond between the families then what kind of marriage will it be? Marrying without the consent of your parents might also cause some serious problems in the future. Secret nikah will also make your parents lose their trust on you and they might be hurt. And hurting parents is haram. So convince your parents first. Tell them the man you love is free from medical problems. If he had the surgery as you mentioned and if he is healthy now then there should be no problem in marrying him. So, the conclusion is that you shouldn't do secret marriage.

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There is no secret marriage. if you do it anyways then your marriage is haram and your children are produced from zinnah. So I warn you, a women can not marry with ought the permission of her wali.

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