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Al Salamu Alaykum, I have been married for almost a year and I didn't know my husband well before marriage. We agreed on travelling with him to Saudi Arabia after marriage because this is where he works. He left to Saudi Arabia 2 months after getting married and i followed 5 months later. Only 2 days after arriving Saudi Arabia I noticed then surely knew that he is talking with many women on the internet in a sexual way. At first I was very angry but confronted him and he promised to not do this act again, and prayed with the "niya" of not thinking about this again as this will only be the thoughts of Shaytaan. I believed him but still had some worries, so after a couple of months I looked through his laptop and found the same acts over again. This time I prayed many "Estekharas" and went to Umra for the sake of Allah's guidance to me. Then i confronted him again and by that time he asked me to HELP him stop. I told him that i'll try but i'm not that capable as i am only 22 years old and i have no experience in such problems. I asked him to go seek a Sheikh to tell him what to do or even a psychiatrist, but he refused and said that he is old enough to help himself get out of it. I continued reminding him of Allah and prayed for him. After some time i got pregnant and asked Allah if my husband will be good with me then please Allah bless this child and let him me a "Zurriya Salha" and if not, then please Allah get rid of this fetus before i become involved in this marriage that i will want to end. Alhamdulellah after 5 weeks of pregnancy, an abortion happened. Doctors said that the fetus wasn't healthy and the abortion happened by itself without doing anything that can cause abortion of a normal fetus. Only 2 weeks after that i found out that my husband is talking to a woman on the phone. This happened two days ago. I still didn't tell him that i have known, but I am planning on leaving him for his sake. I will tell him to seek a psychiatrist and if he refused i will leave him (travel to where my parents live) and call his brother and tell him to help until my husband accepts to go to the psychiatrist and become well. I am still praying Estekharas.. I just need to know if what i'm planning to do has something Haram? And my second question is: till my plan works (before leaving to my parents) is it Halal to take birth control pills without his knowledge? As i am afraid to have another pregnancy from him and i have an intention of having a divorce if this continues and goes out of control.

Jazaakum Allah Khayr.

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Waalkum Asalam

God help you As long as I know you have the right to ask for divorce from your husband but why don, t you first ask for the assistance of his and your relatives those who have wisdom and can keep such secret things. Ask for their advics and conciliation , he might listen to them and quiet this. If he did, t listen and quiet , you can go to the court and ask for divorce because your husband is talking to bad women and you are afrid that he might go and do haram with them. You have a child to take care about and you want to make sure that he is going to grow up in a healhy environment

Hope my answer is helping you allot

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Salamu Alaykum, Im sorry but there's a misunderstanding from your side :) I don''t want to divorce, i said that i will want to divorce IN CASE he did not accept to go to a psychiatrist and change to become a better person. Until i speak with him about this matter i was willing to take birth control pills but without his knowledge, my question was is it Halal? I also don't have a child. I was 5 weeks pregnant then had an abortion.

But thank you very much and jazak Allah khair for your time to answer my question :)

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