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Salam brothers and sisters,

In the past, I used masturbate. However, I've sincerely repented and promised that I'll never do that haram thing again.

The thing is now, I don't even know if I'm still a virgin or not. But I believe maybe I am because I never ever did intercourse. In my culture, they say that they can detect someone's virginity just by looking at their forehead. A non virgin's forehead will have some kind of forehead lines that sometimes appear when talking or laughing or so they said. And a virgin's will always have clean forehead. Right now I have a few lines on my forehead that I noticed lately. I'm guessing it could be because of before I had to bathe in sunlight for quite sometime maybe around 2/3 months. I'm guessing it could be that because before that extra curricular activities i've never ever had that forehead lines.

So now, I'm being paranoid over this forehead lines that claims in my culture to have lost of virginity. I don't know if it's true or not. But largely percentage people in my culture believe so. It could be khurafah well I don't know if it's true cause I've been searching that there's no definite answers in this terms that involve islamic ways.

Right now, I've been crying all the time thinking how should I face people worrying on how I should face people without being prejudice. I believe Allah will hide my sins and I intent to do so. I have nowhere else to seek help from. Please! help me!

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Salam brother/sister. You did the right thing by repenting and giving up musterbation. Congratulations for stopping this habit. And you are still a virgin because you didn't have actual intercourse. By the way you might have lost your physical virginity by musterbation ( if you are a female and accidently tore your hymen while musterbating) . However, it doesn't count. It would matter if you had a real intercourse. I never heard that you can predict someone's virginity by looking at their forehead. Lol. It seems like an old wive's tale or something like that. Don't believe it. Who said that every virgin's forehead is clean? I am a virgin male but my forehead has spots. Does that mean that i am not a virgin? No. If people in your culture think that only those who have clean forheads are virgins, they are wrong. Tell them it's made up.

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thank you. that really helped.

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Congratulations on overcoming the secret habit :( Please help me, I can't stop.. So many people here don't realise how big this disease of masturbation is!!! Help us please

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for me, i stopped doing it because i felt like everyone around me knew what i did. i felt so embarrassed to the point i can't even see my face in the mirror. back then, i had a feeling like my face show signs like 'hey! I do this kind of sins'. I was so afraid that i didn't even had the guts to face people. so eventually I stopped. Then I promised to Allah to never ever again do that Harram thing again. When you promise to Allah is a big thing. So I tried very hard not to disobey my promise to Allah. So that was it.

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