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Assalamoalaykom w.w. when performing congretional prayer, muslims behind iman should recite also surah al fatiha and other surah?

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jazak Allah khair brother...what is the ruling about some are still reciting surah al fatiha after the imam recited it?

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In SALAT WHOSE SURAH ARE RECITED OUT,e.g SUBHI,MAGHRIB,ISHAI those behind the Imam should not recite it but listen to it in their mind.the Salat like ZUHR AND ASR whose Suwar are recited silently, the people behind the Imam should also recite it silently in their mind. The first ruling is that the SALAT WHOSE SUWAR ARE REBITED LOUD,THE PEOPLE BEHIND THE IMAM Should not recite it but listen to it. The second ruling is that in SALAT WHOSE SUWAR ARE RECITED SILENTLY,THE PEOPLE BEHIND THE IMAM SHOULD ALSO RECITE IT SILENTLY IN THEIR MIND. In another explanation: It is said that there are 3 types of people. 1: leader ,senior of Imam ~ this is the person in Salat who recite Suwar or move faster,above the IMAM. 2:mate of IMAM ~ This is the person who stay at the same,who equal with the IMAM EITHER IN RECITATIONS OF MOVEMENT IN SALAT. 3: junior of IMAM ~ this is the person who stay cool for the IMAM.DOESNT Recite in mind faster or equal as IMAN IN RECITATION AND MOVEMENT.AS PROPHET SAL ALLAHU ALAIHI WA SALLAM SAID :THE IMAM SHOULD BE FOLLOWED. Move when HE MOVE and sits when HE SITS. The first person <senior,leader of="" imam=""> and the second person <mates of="" imam=""> SALAT WOULD NOT BE MORE THAN THE MOSQUE i.e IT WOULD NOT BE ACCEPTED AND THE SALAT WE NOT LEAVE THE MOSQUE. ONLY THE THIRD PERSON <junior of="" imam=""> SALAT WOULD BE ACCEPTED. ALLAH SUBHANA WAT'ALA KNOWS BEST.

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