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i had heard that it is compulsory to have neeyat before starting any rakat of namaz, is it true and if is, how to do that?

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As-salamu 'alaikum. Yes, niyyat is fard if you want to pray. Before starting any kind of salat, you have to do niyyat. It is not obligatory to do verbal niyyat. Verbal niyyat is bid'at. The sunnat and correct way to do niyyat is to do it in your mind. You should make intention in your mind like this (if you are praying in jama'at) - "I am praying the (number of raka'ats,e.g.4) raka'at (type of salat,e.g.fard) salat of (name of waqt,e.g.juhur) behind this imam facing the qibla. Then say ALLAHU AKBAR by moving your lips but don't make any sound. You can use the above niyyat too if you are praying by yourself, you just have to change it like this - "I am praying the (number of raka'ats,e.g.4) raka'at (type of salat,e.g.fard) salat of (name of waqt,e.g.juhur) facing the qibla." ALLAHU AKBAR. Visit your local mosque/search the internet to know more about niyyat. If you want I can type some links for you also.

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i had got a proper dua or u can say some arabic verses to be read as niyyat, does any such thing or niyyat exists, i m quite confused as i had read somewhere that without verbal niyyat the namaz is not compeleted

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Do you mean niyyat like - "Nawaitu'an wusallia lillahi ta'ala 'arba'a raka'ati salatij juhri fardullahi ta'ala mutawajjiahan ila jihatil k'abatish sharifati- ALLAHU AKBAR" (e.g. for four raka'at fard salat of juhur )? Yes, these niyyats are better than niyyat in english. However, niyyat in any language is acceptable. If you can do arabic niyyat, then it's even better. Niyyat means intention. So it doesn't matter what language you use for niyyat. Arabic is only obligatory after niyyat for salat.These kinds of arabic niyyats are excellent, but they shouldn't be done verbally. As I told you before, verbal niyyat is a bid'at(innovation). Rasoolullah sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam usually made niyyat in his mind, not verbally. If you read somewhere that salat without verbal niyyat won't be valid, it was wrong. What is compulsory for salat is the niyyat inside your mind, not the verbal niyyat. If you were to think this inside your head (for fard salat of juhur)" I am praying 4 raka'at fard salat of juhur facing the qibla" , it would suffice.

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can anyone quote is from Qur'an or Hadith? If it doesn't exist in either it is not compulsory.

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My brothers and sisters remeber this That on the day of judgement Allah will take those amals that were done for the sake of him and the rest wil be thrown into hell. IN OTHER WORDS EVERY ACTION for the sake of ALLAH will be rewarded The learned and wise are different to the unlearned and unwise.That is why becoming a scholor first before entering the material world and its traps you need a solid foundation first Just see how many imams who are doctors and engineers in the world.My wife is also scholor and a teacher as well as a phycologists.

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