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Asalam alaikum I am a 37 years old married women with two kids, and my question is about isteqara which I did four years ago. I wanted to help my husband financially, so I went back to school for nursing. Before applying in nursing school I did a Isteqara to find out if Nursing is the right choice for me, and in my dream I saw a black man handing me a diploma and after receiving this degree I am exiting from a four story building. (this is all happeing in my first day of isteqra dream). so I did a little research and considred doing nursing as my new career. however it turned out that I never finished nursing school and I got kicked out from the school with a high amount of student loan. Now my question is what this dream meant about receiving a degree or diploma from a black man and exiting from a four story building with nursing uniform on. right now I am very confused about this isteqara, because I had done few isteqaras in my life and all of them worked out for me. I am soo worried. Can someone help me find the answer for my isteqara thank you

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Wa 'alaikumus salam wa ra'hmatullahi wa barakatuhu wa maghfiratuhu. Sister, we are normal people who don't know much about dreams and the ghaibah(unseen). Only Allah knows the ghaibah perfectly. And Nabi-Rasools(peace be upon them) could receive knowledge from Allah sub'hanu wa ta'ala about the ghaibah. So they could interpret dreams. But after them, normal people like us were left and we no longer can know meanings of dreams properly. So we shouldn't try to interpret dreams, as we don't have complete knowledge about ghaibah. And those who give made up meanings to dreams will be punished in the afterlife unless they change this habit and repent. So I am unable to tell what that dream exactly meant. But from what little knowledge and experience I have, I can give you some informations that might be useful. A dream can be from Allah, or satan, or it can just be a mere reflection of thoughts in one's mind. There's a chance that your dream about nursing was a reflection of your thoughts. These come from the sub-conscious mind. Often we see dreams like these and many times they make no sense. But If that dream was really from Allah and a result of istikhara, then it might've meant that nursing won't be good for you. Or maybe it was from the sub-conscious mind or satan. There's no gurantee that after your first istikhara what dream you see will be a guidance from Lord Allah. That's why we should keep doing istikhara until we receive a satisfactory answer to our problems. I am no scholar, I am just a kindergartener in the school of Islam. I am sorry, but that's all I could answer because of my limited knowledge. If you want, you can visit this site and know more about dreams.

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Thank you so much, may Allah give you more knowledge about Islam so you can teach other muslim brothers and sisters.

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~removed link~ No advertising here. This site is for Islamic questions and answers only thank you.

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